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YouTuber 'Superwoman' Lilly Singh Revealed She is Bisexual and Fans are Losing It

The announcement was met with cheers and appreciation form netizens.

The announcement was met with cheers and appreciation form netizens.

'Female, Coloured, Bisexual', viral YouTube content creator 'Superwoman' aka Lilly Singh wrote on Twitter.

  • Last Updated: February 25, 2019, 1:21 PM IST
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YouTube star Lilly Singh aka Superwoman has come out as bisexual on Twitter and fans cannot keep calm anymore.

Taking to the microblogging site, the viral Canadian content creator, comedian and social media influencer wrote, "Female, Coloured, Bisexual" along with emoji checkboxes ticked green.

"Throughout my life these have proven to be obstacles from time to time. But now I’m fully embracing them as my superpowers," Singh wrote. "No matter how many “boxes” you check, I encourage you to do the same."

Posted on Sunday, the tweet has since gone viral with over 67,000 'likes'. People on Twitter, especially fans of Superwoman, congratulated her on her courage for coming out while many from the LGBTQIA+ community also cheered. In fact, she received so much support from her fans that she posted a follow-up thank you message on Monday to acknowledge all the love.

Singh, who was listed as the 10the highest paid YouTuber 2017 by Forbes, recently took a hiatus from her YouTube channel Superwoman and opened up about her mental health, receiving huge support from her fanbase. and this revelation is sure to make it more inclusive and rainbow coloured, just like the Singh's colourful online personality.

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