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YouTuber Turns Room into a Mirror House and Reflects Upon the Optical Illusion He Just Created

The Action Lab / YouTube.

The Action Lab / YouTube.

The host of popular YouTube channel 'The Action Lab' is famous for creating little experimental rooms and this time he has reflected upon mirrors. Quite literally.

Mirrors are fascinating pieces of art. But can you imagine a room entirely made out of mirrors? Not just tall mirrors hanging on the wall, but the wall itself is a mirror. Not only that, the floor, the ceiling, everything that basically forms a room is a mirror? Well, if you cannot imagine, fear not. A YouTuber has made such a room and the result is both fascinating and spooky. Now Imagine walking on glass and a million reflections of yourself walking along with it!

The host of the popular science channel The Action Lab is famous for creating little experimental rooms. He formerly created the world’s brightest room, after which his viewers asked him, “what about a room full of mirrors?”

In his now-viral video, he begins by stating the obvious problems associated with an experiment like this.

Mirrors are made of glass, they are fragile. To achieve a room full of mirrors, one needed a solid floor with no pebbles or soft areas where the mirror could crack when stepped on. Second, the frames should be sturdy enough to hold the material.

When completed, he shared a peek of the room with all the lights on. The ceiling and the floor’s reflection combined created an illusion where the room looked hundreds of storeys tall. It was quite a mesmerising view.

He then went on to say how it looked like looking outside a tall building. Almost fearful of breaking the glass, he finally stepped onto the floor.

As he attempted to close the door, he was (understandably) confused by the reflections and then finally found the actual door.

He also dropped a white ball and it appeared like a hundred pearls with all the reflections as it bounced around.

Curious, he then devised a simple experiment: how long would it take for the light to completely go out (as one mirror will bounce off the reflection from another even after the light switch is flicked off).

But that didn't happen, unfortunately. The room immediately went dark and he explained it was because of the speed of light. He further added that the mirrors reflect only 95% of visible light and with each subsequent reflection, you are further losing 5% of the light.

“In this video I show you what happens when you turn off a light in a room made completely out of mirrors! This is my favorite room I have made yet!” he wrote in the caption.

A user commented “Imagine getting locked with no door knob indication of any kind...”

Previously, the channel also created the world’s darkest room with the world’s blackest paint.