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YouTube's Favourite Narayan Reddy Who Made Epic Meals for Orphans on 'Grandpa Kitchen' No More

YouTube's Favourite Narayan Reddy Who Made Epic Meals for Orphans on 'Grandpa Kitchen' No More

Narayana Reddy aka Grandpa, who hailed from Telangana breathed his last on October 27, a video uploaded on his channel 'Grandpa Kitchen' on Wednesday informed his 6 million subscribers.

“Loving, caring, sharing. This is my family.”

Internet's favourite chef grandp from the massively popular cooking channel "Grandpa Kitchen" on YouTube is no more.

Narayana Reddy aka Grandpa, who hailed from Telangana, breathed his last on October 27. The tragic news was shared with his 6 million subscribers through a video uploaded on his channel on Wednesday.

Started in 2017, "Grandpa Kitchen" found viewers from all over the world who loved to watch Grandpa cook massive portions of meal in just one sitting. Often seen amid a calm backdrop of lush, green fields, his seemingly modest approach to cooking earned Grandpa great popularity on YouTube.

From cooking 500 packets of Maggi in one go to teaching the Internet how to prepare KFC-styled chicken, American lasagna, chicken biryani and other elaborate dishes at low cost at home and even preparing mouth-watering sweet dishes such as Oreo pudding, gulab jamuns - nothing was amiss on grandpa's menu.

But what really resonated with foodies and catapulted him to YouTube fame was the unique reason for setting up his channel.

All the gargantuan proportions of meal that the man cooked (the ones that raked in millions of views) were served to orphans in his community.

"We entertain people by cooking food and donate the proceeds to charities. Our goal is to provide basic necessities like food, clothing, school supplies and birthday gifts to the orphans," the bio on Grandpa Kitchen's Patreon account read.

Grandpa cooked his last meal 'Crispy Potato Fingers', as evident on his channel, last month on September 20 and has been away from cooking duties ever since due to deteriorating health.

Last week, a visibly ailing grandpa made his final appearance on the channel in a live session to give updates regarding his health and the channel.

The news of his demise left his fans and followers from across the globe teary-eyed.

"Rest in Peace Grandpa...we will miss you and your videos...the way you help others is very've done so much to help and inspire others...thank you so much for the joy you've given to others and the joy of your viewers...the viewers that is also your family...we're family...thank you and we will miss you," wrote one commenter.

"RIP a man with a big heart. We need more like him in this world"

"It breaks my heart to see someone so loving and caring leave this world. Rest in peace Grandpa ❤️"

"Grandpa I will miss & appreciate your Kindness to everyone."

"I am so emotional when I saw this. Been his subscriber for so long now. His cooking videos are so satisfying that sometimes I tried doing the recipes. May you rest in peace Grandpa."

Fans on Twitter were left devastated.

You can follow his final journey here: