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Upset Over Uber Eats Supporting Zomato, Angry Bigot Uninstalls Uber Taxi App Instead

Image credit: Twitter/PTI

Image credit: Twitter/PTI

After #BoycottZomato started trending, Uber Eats shared Zomato's response adding 'We are with you' in the caption, in support of Zomato.

  • Last Updated: August 2, 2019, 12:18 PM IST
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Angry Indians seem to be uninstalling the Uber app from their phones after its subsidiary food delivery app Uber Eats joined the homegrown Zomato in its recent stand against bigotry.

It all started when a certain Amit Shukla posted a tweet against Zomato after he was assigned a "non-Hindu" valet for delivery. The belligerent customer took to the micro-blogging site and declared war.

However, calling out the bigotry, (only to step into a cesspool of right-wing 'outrage'), Zomato wrote, "Food has no religion. Food is religion". The stance won applause from all corners of social media and many including Zomato founders supported their stand.

Now, Uber Eats, is yet another food delivery service linked to Uber. After #BoycottZomato started trending, Uber Eats shared Zomato's response adding "We are with you" in the caption, in support of Zomato.

So it isn't of any surprise that after #BoycottZomato, #UnistallUberEats started trending on social media on Thursday. However, what is surprising (because we live in times when one needs to find the silver lining in even bigotry) is that many are deleting the Uber taxi app to outrage against Uber Eats.

Take this brave gentleman by the name of Ritesh Dubey, for example:

On Thursday, Dubey posted a screenshot to Twitter which made it clearer beyond anyone's doubt that he would never again be giving a penny to Uber. However, it was not the Uber Eats app he was uninstalling but his UBER app. The one you use to book cabs.

Twitter user 'BaBu' pointed out the same.

In fact, BaBu also pointed out it seemed Dubey had downloaded the Uber taxi app, JUST to delete it and post the screenshot. "You installed app and removed as it shows 0 mb data uses," BaBU wrote with much common sense.

While another hawk-eyed user pointed out that Dubey's location 'Silvassa' (now removed from his bio) didn't have an UberEats delivery service in the first place.

Well, bigotry and hate do tend to cloud one's judgement. But it seems in this case, it seems to have made Dubey positively blind.

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