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3.10 Crore People Employed in September 2021 Quarter, 2 Lakh Higher Than June: Govt Report

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Last Updated: May 09, 2022, 19:49 IST

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The job market is witnessing recovery across several sectors that were impacted by the pandemic. (Representational image)

The job market is witnessing recovery across several sectors that were impacted by the pandemic. (Representational image)

The QES stated that the estimated total employment in the nine selected sectors in the July-September 2021 round came out as 3.10 crore approximately

An estimated total employment in nine selected sectors in the July-September 2021 round came out as 3.10 crore approximately, the government said.  This is two lakhs higher than the estimated employment of 3.08 crore from the first round of QES (April-June 2021). This is part of the report of the second quarter of the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES). It stated that as many as four lakh jobs were created during October-December 2021.

“The total employment for these nine sectors taken collectively was reported as 2.37 crore in the sixth EC (2013-14)," the report added. QES, which is part of All-India Quarterly Establishment-based Employment Survey (AQEES) was released by the Union Minister for Labour and Employment, Bhupender Yadav.

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The nine key sectors include trade, manufacturing, IT/BPO, financial services, education, health, construction, transport and accommodation and restaurant.  Of the total employment in the nine sectors, 39 per cent were recruited in the manufacturing sector, 22 per cent in education, 11 per cent in IT/BPOs, 10 per cent in health, 5.3 per cent in trade and 4.2 percent in the transport sector.


Further, overall the percentage of female workers stood at 32.1 per cent which is higher than 29.3 per cent reported during the first round of QES. The number of people employed in the selected nine sectors in the first quarter of financial year 22 was was 3.08 crore.

While 16.8 per cent of the establishments provided formal skill development programmes to most of their own employees. An estimated 5.6 per cent of the establishments were having vacancies in positions and the estimated number of total vacancies was 4.3 lakhs. About 65.8 per cent of such vacancies were not due to retirement or resignation of the employees, the report added.

As per the official report, nearly 90 per cent of the establishments have been estimated to work with less than 100 workers, though 30 per cent of the IT/BPO establishments worked with at least 100 workers including about 12 per cent engaging 500 workers or more.

In the health sector, 19 per cent of the establishments had 100 or more workers. While in transport sector, 14 per cent of the total estimated establishments were operating with 100 or more workers.

“It may be mentioned that 91 per cent of establishments were reported to have worked with less than 100 workers in the first round of QES and in the IT/BPO sector, the figures during the first QES stood at 21 per cent and 14 per cent respectively for the size classes of 100-499 employees and 500 or more employees," the report by PIB added.

A total of 85 per cent of the estimated workforce in the nine sectors were regular workers while the rest were contractual and casual workers. In the construction sector, 21 per cent of the workers were contractual and 6.2 per cent were casual workers.

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Meanwhile, a total of 97.9 per cent establishments were located outside households, however, 5.5 per cent of units in accommodation and restaurants sector were found to operate from within households.

About 25.3 per cent of all establishments were registered under the Companies Act, as per the survey. This was as high as 82.8 per cent in IT/BPOs, 51.2 per cent in construction, 42.8 per cent in manufacturing, 36.4 per cent in the transport, 32.1 per cent in trade and 23.8 per cent in financial services.  A total of 53.9 per cent were registered under the Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 and 27.8 per cent under Shops & commercial Establishments Act, 1958.

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