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Career Wise: Become Sustainability Professional to Save the Planet & Have Lucrative Job

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Last Updated: July 20, 2022, 10:08 IST

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How to build a career in sustainability. (Image by Shutterstock/ Representational)

How to build a career in sustainability. (Image by Shutterstock/ Representational)

Careers in sustainability offer the opportunity to help better the environment for fellow human beings and future generations is rare and unique. While monetary rewards promise to be bountiful

CareerWiseAs the board exam results are being announced, students are ready to transition from schools to colleges. The first step in this transition is to make a career choice. To help you in selecting the right professional path for you, every week we explore new professional avenues for you. Bring a unique career and a roadmap that can help you take up a job in that profession. If you have any other queries or have a course or career you want us to explore, write to us on Twitter at @News18dotcom.

In this week’s edition of CareerWise let’s explore careers in Sustainability

The concept of an ideal future has always changed and adapted to the realities of the modern world. Breakthroughs and innovations change the script, while calamities: man-made or natural tend to flip it. In the last 50+ years, what has remained constant and grown steadily in urgency, is the need for climate and environmental protection. And from the first environment-related protest in 1970 that resulted in the conception of Earth Day to the 2015 Paris agreement – a 193-country global agreement on tackling climate change, environmental awareness today is at an all-time high.

This has resulted in an abundance of job opportunities in the field of sustainability and green careers. With the millennial age group being the first generation to face this new wave of careers, the prospect for these fields is indeed bright. The current world is increasingly trying to wean off fossil fuels like oil and petroleum. However, in recent years, technological advancements and breakthroughs have managed to turn sustainability careers into a burgeoning industry. India’s recent attempts to shift to a greener economy will add an estimated 3 million jobs by 2030. With careers that tend to be incredibly diverse, from scientists to consultants and labs to corporations, millennials and the following generations could be on the cusp of the next big employment trend.

What Are Green Careers?

Amongst the younger generations, there has been a conscious shift in career choices. Careers that promote or have social responsibility at their core have become an increasingly popular choice.

Thus, emerging green jobs such as solar engineering, organic farming, and environmental science and conservation are popular choices. Other sustainable careers include energy management, landscape architecture, and sustainability specialists are all professions that seek to propose and provide solutions for a balanced use of natural resources and co-exist smartly with our environment.

Other popular choices include:

  • Environmental Science & Wildlife Management
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Forestry & Environment Management
  • Environmental and Climate Change Management
  • Green Technology

Courses to Have a Green Career

One of the most popular college which offers a course in green careers or sustainability is Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). It offers a Master of Arts/Science in multiple fields including sustainable livelihoods and natural resources governance or environment, climate change and sustainability studies, and urban/water policy and governance.

Amity University also offers an MBA in natural resources & sustainable Development and even a Ph.D. in the same field.

TERI School of Advanced Studies offers MTech in renewable energy engineering and management amongst many other courses in environmental management and sustainability.

A glance on the net shows that while information is somewhat scattered, there are many courses both online and offline that cover several other areas of environmental studies like forestry, agriculture, etc. There are even specialised courses that cover areas like green economy, green marketing, and green manufacturing.

How Sustainable is Career in Sustainability?

Much of the world is committed to sustainable development and mitigating the consequences of climate change, especially for future generations. India’s COP26 commitment – to cut India’s total projected carbon emission by 1 billion tonnes by 2030, reduce the carbon intensity of the nation’s economy by less than 45% by the end of the decade, and net-zero carbon emissions by 2070 – is projected to create over 50 million jobs in the climate sector. Moreover, repeated investments and subsidies in green energy have made India a very attractive global hub for green innovation, tech, and R&D.

Even in the short term, the employment of sustainability professionals is projected to grow 8% from 2020 to 2030. According to the GreenBiz State of the Profession 2020 study, just 45% of sustainability recruits came from outside of a major firm in 2012, but that figure increased to 67% by 2020. This demonstrates that sustainability is no longer merely an addition to obligations but has evolved into a professional job.

Roadmap to a new career world

The world of jobs in green and sustainable careers is far-ranging and incredibly diverse. The best way to enter a profession in one of these fields would be to follow interests and passions that lead to a field where a person can have an impact.

Every company in India has Corporate Social Responsibility programs, which could be a good way to enter the corporate sustainability world. This includes all major MNCs and corporations thereby providing a pathway to the big global companies of the world like Apple, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, etc. Other options include Environmental policy and planning jobs, which could either be for private companies or even the government itself.

One of the biggest advantages of a career in this field is the ability or even the chance to make a difference. The opportunity to help better the environment for fellow human beings and future generations is rare and unique. While monetary rewards promise to be bountiful, personal satisfaction is one of those rare, elusive benefits that these careers offer. While the goal of a clean and green future might still be a faraway dream, the most concrete steps in that direction are being taken now. That is why the millennial and future generations have one of the most promising career directions growing and expanding right in front of them.

— The article is written by Paridhi Khaitan, Managing Director, ProTeen

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