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Career Wise: Playing Your Way to Success With a Job in Gaming Industry

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Last Updated: October 12, 2022, 18:03 IST

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Gaming is an emerging field (Representational Image)

Gaming is an emerging field (Representational Image)

A career in gaming is beyond designing and graphics, from product management to art, here are several career options in the emerging industry and here's how you can be a part of it.

As the board exam results are being announced, students are ready to transition from schools to colleges. The first step in this transition is to make a career choice. To help you in selecting the right professional path for you, every week we explore new professional avenues for you. Bring a unique career and a roadmap that can help you take up a job in that profession. If you have any other queries or have a course or career you want us to explore, write to us on Twitter at @News18dotcom.

This week let’s explore career options in gaming.

Gaming Industry has come a long way to being one of the Largest Sectors of Entertainment. According to a research report by PwC, the global video games industry was worth $214 billion as of 2021 and is expected to grow to $321 Billion by 2026.

In India, with the proliferation of mobile phones and faster internet speed powered by Reliance Jio, the gaming audience has grown many-fold. Action strategy games like PubG and Real Money games such as Dream11 resonate strongly with the Indian public.

There are several career options available in gaming in India and abroad for passionate youngsters. There are many components to game-making and depending upon an individual’s strengths and interests, he or she could get involved in game-making in various capacities.

To make a successful game, a Game Studio needs a cross-functional team with the following skillsets.

1. Product Management

2. Game Design

3. UX Design

4. Art

5. Animation

6. Game Programmer

7. Game Tester

8. Game Producer

In some companies, an individual could adorn multiple hats. For e.g. A game designer could double up as a product manager.

Product Manager: Product Managers are responsible for deciding the strategy of the game. They do market research, study competition, identify opportunities and come up with what to build and are also responsible for the direction of the game. They crunch a lot of data in their respective games to come up with insights to grow their games.

In India, Tier 1 colleges such as IIMs and ISB and other good colleges all offer Product Management electives. Strong analytical ability and problem-solving are the needed skills to become a good Product Manager. Business Analytics & Consumer Behavior courses from top MBA colleges provide a good platform. Strong Design sense is an added plus.

Game Designer: As game makers, they design the game components and mechanics. They decide the in-game flows and are responsible for ensuring the game provides a fun experience for the user. Colleges in India that offer game Design courses are the following:

• NID (National Institute of Design) offers an M.Des program in Toy and Game Design. The focus here is on physical toys, product design, digital and physical board games, and gamification in various contexts.

• NID also offers a M.Des program in Digital Game Design. This course is mainly tailored towards AAA Console & PC game making, game design theory, 2d & 3d art and modelling, writing, sound design, and Ui design.

• ICAT Design and Media College offers a Bachelors program in Game Design and Development. The course goes into the basics of game art, game design principles, and programming.

• Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology- Bachelor’s in Game Art & Design.

• MAAC Mumbai- Advanced Program in Interactive Design and Games (shorter diploma course)

• Arena Animation- Game Design (mainly a course in Unity 3d- working knowledge of the engine along with game design concepts)

UX Designer: Once the opportunity is identified by the PMs and the mechanics are designed by Game Designers, the UX designers decide how the information is presented to the users. In India good courses are offered by NID and IITs.

• National Institute of Design (NID), Bangalore offers Interaction Design (M.Des.)

• IIT Delhi: Master of Design in Interaction Design

• IIT Mumbai: Master of Design in Interaction Design

Artist: The game artist is responsible for conceptualizing how the visuals are – be it character or background environment. Some games need strong animation skillsets which is another specific Art skill. There are numerous government/Private colleges in India where you can study Painting, Visual Communication Design, Sculpture, Animation, 2d+3D Game Concept Art, and Graphic Design

Courses that equip a good career in gaming are:

1. BFA

2. MFA

3. B.Sc. [Visual Communication]

4. B.M.M in Animation

5. M.Sc. (Visual Communication]

6. B. Design in Animation

Sir J.J. School of Art and ZICA are reputed colleges that offer the above courses.

Game Programmer: A B.Tech degree from any good engineering college would hold one in good stead. There are roles available for front-end programming as well as back-end (Server side).

In addition to the above degrees, to make a successful career in gaming one should be passionate about games in general. They should be able to think from the shoes of the player and understand what the player looks for in their game.

— Written by Ratheesh Mallaya, Director of Products at Zynga

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first published:October 12, 2022, 18:03 IST
last updated:October 12, 2022, 18:03 IST
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