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CBSE Class 12 Marks Uploading Link Activated, Result by July 31

CBSE activated link to upload class 12 marks

CBSE activated link to upload class 12 marks

For preparing the class 12 board result, the CBSE has formed a committee to calculate the marks, who will have to upload the scores in the link provided by the board.

The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) has launched an online platform on which schools have been asked to upload the marks obtained by their students. The portal developed by the IT department of CBSE  features seven sections including a separate link to upload internal assessment marks, practicals, projects, date verification for class 10, class 11, and 12 theory marks.

The portal will automatically update marks obtained by students in class 10. “A system has also been developed for the computation of Class X component of marks based on result data available with the Board in case of students who passed their Class X Board from CBSE only. For other Boards, CBSE with the help of Regional Offices will collect result data from respective State Boards for the purpose of computation of Class X component (30%) of marks of Class XII. The system will also compute Class XI component (30%) and Class XII component (40%)” said Dr. Antriksh Johri, Director IT, CBSE.

After collection of all marks, this portal will display a complete tabulation sheet for the school with a feature of subject-wise marks and reference mean for the purpose of moderation of marks by the schools, CBSE said.

For preparing the result, the board has formed a committee to calculate the marks consisting of the school principal, two senior teachers of class 12, and two teachers from neighbouring senior secondary CBSE-affiliated schools, teaching class 12 co-opted as external members. Besides, teachers can’t be interchanged between two schools.


The result so created will be checked by the board and the final announcement of the CBSE class 12 result will be made on July 31 or before, as per the board.

The result committee may also invite a teacher with IT background for software assistance in the computation of results. Subject teachers, to be known as a special invitee, should also be part of the committee only when their subjects and students are being discussed.

CBSE also stated that teachers should not be part of the same management/school committee. Schools situated abroad can co-opt members from the Indian embassy.

The chairperson of the committee is to fix meetings between all committee members as well as infrastructure and ensure everything is held on schedule. The chairperson is also responsible to see that “an unbiased result has been formed for each student and the marks are uploaded correctly".

A “draft road map" must be prepared following which the subject-wise result of each class will be discussed and uploaded on the website with the help of IT teachers.

Since this year, exams have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, result is being prepared based on the three-year marks of each student, that is performance of a student classes 10, 11, and 12 will be considered. Maximum weightage of 40 per cent will be given to class 12 pre-board exams, internals, unit tests, etc.

Apart from awarding marks based on the students individual performance, their marks will also be internally moderate to account for the school level variations “by using a reliable reference standard.” This means that irrespective of the position of a student in a particular section of the class or school, whether above or lower in comparison to other students, will be moderated by the result committee.

Sanyam Bhardwaj, exam comptroller at CBSE explained that this moderation policy “is basically looking into the performance of the students and seeing what marks are to be enhanced or decreased in different subjects,” adding that it will “place the student in a sequencing manner lower or above by increasing or reducing the marks."

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