DU Row Worsens after Officials Removed by Ministry of Education Say They Still Hold Posts, Write to Govt

File photo of Delhi University campus.

File photo of Delhi University campus.

The confusion started after Tyagi, who while being on leave, removed Joshi from the post of pro-VC and approved the appointment of Geeta Bhatt, for the dame post.

Eram Agha

Hours after the Ministry of Education (MoE) intervened in the controversy regarding the appointments made by the Vice Chancellor during medical leave, the defiant officials wrote back to the government, saying they still hold the posts. On October 22, the MoE wrote to Delhi University regarding the developments in the Executive Council (EC) meeting which was held on Wednesday. “The orders issued by the VC Yogesh Tyagi during his period of absence on medical grounds without joining the office properly and officially is not valid and should not be acted upon by the university functionary,” the letter said.

In the strictly worded letter, MoE said that in the future, “if the VC wants to join the office, a proper medical fitness certificate issued by the competent authority who treated him may be obtained.” With this, the appointments of Geeta Bhatt as pro-VC, replacing PC Joshi, and that of PC Jha replacing Vikas Gupta as registrar were declared invalid.

On the morning of October 23, the sacked interim registrar said that no decision taken by the VC has been overturned. He addressed the letter to Birendra Kumar Singh, deputy secretary MoE department of higher education, and said the government’s letter was addressed to Vikas Gupta, as the registrar.

“The letter has been addressed to Vikas Gupta as Registrar, University of Delhi. Attention is drawn to the office order dated 22 October 2020 issued in this regard, by the university. It is informed that professor PC Jha in addition to his responsibilities as director South Campus is acting as Registrar as an interim arrangement,” Jha wrote.

It added, “It is also informed that Dr Geeta Bhatt has been appointed as pro-VC in place of Prof PC Joshi. The Honorable VC Professor Yogesh K Tyagi has taken decisions in due compliance with Acts, Statutes, and Ordinances of Delhi University.”

This comes after DU issued a press release ensuring to go by government’s direction: “For past two days, several notifications have circulated through various media regarding statutory appointments and other related matters. This also includes notification regarding the appointment of new PVC, Registrar, and Director South Campus. It is hereby clarified that professor PC Joshi PVC will act as Vice-Chancellor and is the only competent authority to approve issue orders as per provisions of the Act, statutes, and ordinance of the university.” has learnt that the officials removed by the government are of the view that there is nothing invalid in their appointment as DU is an autonomous university run by its own statutes and ordinances, which empower the VC and make him answerable to the Visitor, and so, claim that the MoE's words are not binding. The pro-VC PC Joshi, who is supported by the government, did not offer a comment on the turn of events.

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