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Employment Trends: Quiet Quitting, Moonlighting, Quiet Firing, What Do These Terms Mean?

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Last Updated: September 22, 2022, 17:31 IST

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What does the term “quiet quitting”, Moonlighting, and Quite firing means. 
(Representative image).

What does the term “quiet quitting”, Moonlighting, and Quite firing means. (Representative image).

In the last few months, the term “quiet quitting”, "Moonlighting, and Quite firing has entered conversations about the workplace. Let's learn what it means.

The post-pandemic era has pushed new trends in the professional spheres across the world. In the last few months, the term ‘quiet quitting’, ‘moonlighting’, and ‘Quite firing’ has entered conversations about the workplace. So, let us look into these terms and get a larger perspective of today’s work culture.

What is quite Quitting?

Quiet quitting doesn’t refer to employees actually leaving their jobs, in fact, it means otherwise. Employees who “quietly quit" are doing the minimal minimum that is expected of them rather than outright abandoning their positions. This may involve leaving work on time for your shift, requesting overtime pay, declining ambitious initiatives, distancing yourself from your work, and/or establishing firm work-life boundaries.

While the term is new but not the concept, however, the term post the covid pandemic has gained new relevance. Experts claim that remote work has fueled the quiet quitting movement in several ways. The pandemic has brought forth a number of difficulties that heightened employee demands while also allowing them to rethink what alternate work structures might entail.

What is Moonlighting?

Moonlighting is the practice of doing a second job outside of regular business hours, typically without the employer’s knowledge. Working from home became the norm during the Covid-19 pandemic, which is thought to have caused an increase in dual employment. Moonlighting has come under discussion more in the IT industry. Meanwhile, several companies have opposed the practice, saying that employees doing multiple jobs can impact their productivity.

Wipro recently discovered 300 employees moonlighting and working for competitors, according to Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji, 300 of its employees were let go after the company discovered they were concurrently employed by a rival. Premji added that such individuals had no place in the organisation.

Another significant IT business, Infosys, has cautioned its employees against accepting a second job without first informing the employer.

Private businesses in India typically forbid employees from holding numerous positions. Double employment is prohibited under several state Shops and Establishment Acts, but the implementation varies, particularly for highly specialized businesses.

What is Quite Firing?

It means when bosses instead of properly managing an employee, bosses shirk their duties and hope they will quit. And in some cases, they may be pushing their employees out of the door without realizing it. The idea of “quiet firing" has been around for a long, according to Annie Rosencrans, director of people and culture at HiBob, a platform for people management.

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