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IBPS PO Main Exam 2021: Important Tips to Attempt the Paper and Score High

Representative image.

Representative image.

With the right strategy and technique, candidates can score marks equal or above the set cut-off marks.

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS PO) Main exam will be held in just a few hours from now. The authorities have scheduled the exam to be held on February 4. All the candidates appearing in the examination must be at the last leg of their preparation.

As the difficulty level of the main exam is slightly higher than the preliminary exam, candidates should keep calm and revise all that they have studied. While attempting the question paper, candidates must ensure they read the questions carefully and take a moment before answering. With the right strategy and technique, candidates can score marks equal or above the set cut-off marks.

Furthermore, candidates should revise before the examination and refer to their handwritten notes. One must not try to read the entire book as it would be time-consuming.

Here are the last-minute preparation tips for students appearing in the examination tomorrow:

IBPS PO main exam 2021: Section-wise Tips

Quantitative Aptitude

To attempt this section of the examination, candidates will be given an hour. One must try to solve this section in two rounds. In the first round, try to attempt those questions which you think are less time consuming and can be solved with simple calculation and 100 per cent accuracy. In the second round, try to attempt arithmetic and high-level Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency questions.

Reasoning And Computer Aptitude

This section of the examination is important, as it is known to be scoring.Topics from logical reasoning that can be asked in IBPS PO mains examination are statement and assumption, course of action, etc. The seating arrangement questions are expected to be moderate to difficult level. Try to attempt question on reverse syllogism, data sufficiency, miscellaneous questions, analytical reasoning first as it can save you much time.

While solving questions based on the seating arrangement, do not make multiple diagrams and try to consider all the possibilities at first hand and later eliminate those cases, this will help you to solve seating arrangements question in less time.

If you feel you are stuck on any question related to puzzle and seating arrangements, leave that question and try other questions.There will be 5-6 questions from computer aptitude. Try to solve them by understanding the proper direction of the questions.

General Awareness

In this section, a total of 40 questions will be asked. Most of the questions will be from the recent incidents that have happened in the past 3-4 months, nationally and internationally.

Go through the Government Schemes related to RBI, sports news at the national and international level, awards, recent appointments amongst others. In Static GK, try to cover those countries which were in news in the last 3-4 months.

Don’t try to attempt those question in which you have doubts.


If you have better command over grammar rules and vocabulary then surely you can score better in this section.Start this section by solving error spotting, sentence improvement and most importantly sentence rearrangements.Most scoring questions of this section are questions based on reading comprehensions. Try to read the paragraph carefully and remember key points which you think are important.

Descriptive Test

This test of IBPS PO exam will be based on essay and letter writing. Topics that come in this test are most likely to be from the Economic sector, social issues, women empowerment, important government schemes, etc.

first published:February 04, 2021, 07:58 IST