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JEE Main 2021: Know Important Topics, Preparation Strategy to Get Desired Rank in Engineering Entrance

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Last Updated: May 19, 2021, 08:30 IST

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JEE Main 2021: Strategy to Improve Ranking (File Photo/Representational)

JEE Main 2021: Strategy to Improve Ranking (File Photo/Representational)

If you are an engineering aspirant and wish to appear for the JEE Main upcoming sessions, here's how you can get desired rank and reserve a seat in college o your choice.

Nearly 14 lakh students have appeared for JEE Main February and March sessions, combined. This year, the engineering entrance exam is being held four times and a similar number of students were expected to take the exam in May and April, as well. The last two sessions, however, got postponed. While the revised dates are yet to be announced, there is a demand among students to hold the engineering entrance after conducting the class 12 exams.

While those who were yet to take the exam will be preparing and practicing. The postponement has also given a chance to students who have appeared for the entrance exam earlier to now improve their ranks. If you are an engineering aspirant and wish to appear for the JEE Main upcoming sessions, here’s how you can get desired rank and reserve a seat in a college o your choice.

Go through notes

If there are chapters or portions that you had ignored completely then leave it would make more sense to leave them now too, unless these chapters are from organic or inorganic chemistry - in which case one can cover these chapters within the limited time. Students should need to revise their self-created notes. Student can boost up their score in organic and inorganic by revising notes carefully and making short notes of each chapter containing all those things which you ought to forget and needed to be revised just before 4 to 5 days of examination.

Revise, solve previous year papers

You must revise previously asked JEE mains questions of each chapter and complete it for all the chapters including those which you have not even touched; at least read the solution of questions so that you can get something and if the question repeats then you can benefit from it.

Students must complete chapter-wise previous years’ question papers. Students also need to give 5-10 test papers and average out their score. If the number is more than 600, they should complete the previous years’ chapter-wise books. Again, they should give a test; if their score is less than 600, then they should revise the notes, videos, and lectures from wherever they have studied.

They should revise it properly and make short notes. Students can also get short notes available in the market; we also provide such short notes. Students will have to repeat the process until they start scoring average marks above 600.

Are there important topics?

Students need to explore areas they are weak in, more than regular topics. Further, chapters which have had higher weightage need. In Mathematics most important topics have been ‘Sequence & Series’, ‘Matrices & Determinants, ‘Trigonometry’, ‘Complex Numbers and Quadratic equations’. Do not forget to clear all doubts regarding Coordinate geometry as past experience has shown that quite a few questions from this topic have been featuring regularly.

In Physics all the topics are of utmost importance but give extra attention to topics that carried more weight-age in the last few years such as Heat and Thermodynamics, Optics, Current Electricity, and Modern Physics. In Physics, it is important to get your basics right, understand the concepts well and ensure that you have thoroughly studied Electrostatics of a Conductor, according to the JEE Mains questions asked in previous years.

In Chemistry, it is important to get a clear understanding of few important topics like Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, and Polymer, Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry, learning the periodic table and representative elements by heart would be of help. Also, do not forget to get thorough revision of solution and colligative properties. An easy way to complete the syllabus is to start with concepts that don’t have chemical reactions.

Focused study is a must

At last apart from browsing through countless reference books, students can try to learn from the video lectures offered by education experts such as Motion Education as it is proved that it is easier to retain information learned through visual medium. It is better to retain information from the PPTs, 3D models, or video lectures that provide a detailed explanation of specific topics that students want to learn. In quest of extra learning students are lured by many foreign reference books, which no doubts help to understand many complex topics rather easily, but due to lack of guidance students start deviating from the syllabus unconsciously. So, one should always consult with an experienced teacher before binging upon any foreign book.

— Written by Nitin Vijay, MD, Motion Education Pvt Ltd, VP - Byju’s JEE NEET Division

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first published:May 15, 2021, 11:00 IST
last updated:May 19, 2021, 08:30 IST