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NEET 2021: How to Score Full 180 Marks in Chemistry Section of Medical Entrance Test

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Last Updated: June 15, 2021, 14:09 IST

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NEET 2021 scheduled to be held on August 1 (Representational)

NEET 2021 scheduled to be held on August 1 (Representational)

NEET 2021: Chemistry can be one of the most scoring sections in NEET and help you attain a better rank. Here are some strategies to do that

Chemistry is considered one of the easiest sections in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2021. As per previous year question papers, most of the questions in this section are directly from NCERT books. Chemistry can be one of the most scoring sections in NEET and help you attain a better rank. To sharpen your chemistry concepts for NEET, here are some strategies.

What to focus in NCERT?: One has to solve all the exercise questions provided at the end of the coursebook, regardless of them being subjective. Furthermore, learning all the formulas and making them settle in your memory will help you solve the questions effortlessly.

Numericals are Critical: Practice numerical questions thoroughly and understand the solving process. NEET question papers of the previous 10 years would help you familiarise yourself with the exam’s level and type of questions. Practising questions from these papers would also reduce the time taken to solve questions and help candidates keep errors to the minimum. Physical chemistry is a scoring subject. Hence strengthening your preparation around various formulas could prove to be an excellent approach.

Organic Chemistry forms a significant portion of the paper, so it becomes imperative that you prepare for this segment more sincerely. It is advisable to memorise the reaction equations and learn their exceptions. On the bright side, questions from this section are mainly from the NCERT course books. It would be beneficial to practice all the reaction equations specified in these books. But before straight away jumping to memorising reactions, it is crucial to build a sound understanding of topics like reaction mechanisms and isomerism.

Inorganic chemistry is another critical area of the subject for NEET Most of the questions asked from this section are also available from the NCERT subject book. Hence, it becomes relatively easier to prepare for it accordingly. It is essential that you practice the increasing and decreasing orders along with exceptions in those orders. Besides, it is highly recommended that you make short notes of everything concept and important topic that you learn. It would also help you to consolidate your study material and revise those topics easily and quickly.

Important Topics: Questions from general chemistry topics such as Chemical Bonding and Periodic Properties frequently appear in the NEET exam. It would be wise to better your grip over these topics as they are scoring and relatively easy to prepare. Hence, try to understand and learn the concepts mentioned in these chapters thoroughly.

Focus on chapters like Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry in Everyday Life and Polymers, as they are brief and primarily require retention of information. Students often make the mistake of ignoring or skipping these chapters. However, questions from these chapters appear quite consistently in the exam.

Evaluate Self: Attempt a dedicated test series, mock tests, and question papers from previous years. These tests will help you analyse your preparation level and even amp up your confidence, which would eventually increase your chances of success in the NEET Chemistry paper.

— Written by Saurabh Kumar, Academics Director, Vidyamandir Classes

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first published:June 12, 2021, 13:14 IST
last updated:June 15, 2021, 14:09 IST