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Solar Power And Sitar Prowess Feature Prominently In This Week’s Episode Of BYJU’s Young Genius

Solar Power And Sitar Prowess Feature Prominently In This Week’s Episode Of BYJU’s Young Genius

There’s hardly anything that defines most of our growing up years.

There’s hardly anything that defines most of our growing up years. Caught up in the rat race to make sure to don’t fall behind everybody else, most of us don’t pause to think about the things that actually catch our fancy or that we like doing.

That’s why the achievements on #BYJUSYoungGenius Season 2 leaves us stunned, episode after episode. This week is no different as two more young geniuses from the country showcase their skills and strength and make us sit up and take notice.

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Fighting Climate Change With An Iron Hand

The first young prodigy in the episode is 15-year-old Vinisha Umashankar from Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. Vinisha is known as the inventor and eco-innovator of the award-winning The Solar Iron Cart that replaces the need for charcoal used in clothes iron and switches it to solar. Her invention doesn’t just save the environment from charcoal burning, it also saves money for clothes iron people who can earn more profit along with a longer-lasting ironing board over a long run.

The mobile ironing cart also comes with a bicycle attached so they don’t have to lug the entire piece by hand. The cart uses solar panels to power a steam iron box and can charge in five hours and one can iron clothes using this power for six hours. Vinisha is currently working on making the contact surface more efficient while ironing clothes.

Not only this, she was also invited to speak at the COP 26 summit held in Glasgow in 2021 where her passionate speech to save the environment won her fans all over, including leading businessmen and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As she recited part of her speech on the episode, special guest Ravi Shastri couldn’t help but look on in awe and praise her confidence.

Her eco-innovation is only gaining ground and we’re sure her mobile iron cart with the Indian flag proudly painted on it, will touch new heights soon.

Stringing Hearts With Sitar

13-year-old Adhiraj Chaudhuri sat on his grandfather Padmabhushan Late Pandit Debu Chaudhuri as a young boy while the legendary sitar player strummed chords for the youngster. Later, Adhiraj also learnt how to play the sitar from his father father Late Pandit Prateek Chaudhuri.

The third-generation sitar maestro belongs to the famed Jaipur Seniya Gharana. Their Gharana is the only traditional Gharana in India that specialises in the sitar with 17 frets, a concept the young genius explains more about on the show before stunning Ravi Shastri and host Anand Narasimhan by playing almost 600 chords in a minute!

The sitar virtuoso has been highly recommended by Grammy Award winners like Pt Sandeep Das (Tabla Maestro) and Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Mohan Veena Vadak) experts in the field and has won many awards such as the ‘Bal Pratibha Award’ in 2020 by the Tarana Art and Music, received the Cultural Talent Search Scholarship (CCRT) from the Government of India in 2019 and also performed at the UMAK Festival in New Delhi organised by Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan Centre for Culture in 2020.

Adhiraj started training at the age of six and has never looked back. His determination and confidence to carry on the impressive legacy of his father and grandfather is something that truly connected with the audience, especially after he played a small set showcasing his skills on the episode.

Watching young geniuses like Vinisha and Adhiraj is to learn that there is no age to succeed in what you’re passionate about. One can be as young as they are and be an inspiration for their generation such as Adhiraj and one can also make older generations proud and introspect about their own passions and thought processes like Vinisha did at COP 26 with her fiery and determined speech about saving the planet.

All in all, this is a must-watch episode that you must not miss.

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first published:March 04, 2022, 12:10 IST