ISL 2020-21 HIGHLIGHTS, Chennaiyin FC vs Hyderabad FC: Hyderabad Crush Chennaiyin 4-1

ISL 2020-21 HIGHLIGHTS, Chennaiyin FC vs Hyderabad FC: Halicharan Narzary scores his second. Joao Victor with a stunning finish. Anirudh Thapa taps in for Chennaiyin FC. Joel Chianese and Narzary score two goals in three minutes. Scoreline:- Chennaiyin FC 1-4 Hyderabad FC

Match Completed

Chennaiyin FC VS Hyderabad FC Football Scorecard

Match 47, GMC Stadium Bambolim, 04 Jan, 21 19:30

Hyderabad FC beat Chennaiyin FC(4-1)

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21:51 (IST)

Hyderabad FC Head Coach Manuel Marquez After the Game

"Finally! We can be happy because I think the team played a very good game. With a lot of chances in the first half, we couldn't score and failed. But in the second half, we scored one in the rebound and then Chennaiyin had to take risk and we took the chances with the space at the back from them.

"You're like a coach who knows perfectly that you want to have available the best players. Fran was out with injury, Joel and Sastre the same. Sometimes it's tough, the level of the Indian players was great in the beginning but then I think they got tired. Now, let's see what's happened with Fran. We do have Aridane and Joel though. We wanted to give Aridane rest with the last substitution but then Fran got injured.

'I think all the coaches, we want to have this problem (of plenty), we have to manage the situation. We have now 11 games in less than two months, if we can manage the situation, we will be fantastic. If injuries happen again, it would be difficult but I am very happy with my squad and I hope Indian players continue as well."

21:47 (IST)

Chennaiyin FC Head Coach Csaba Laszlo After the Match

"Even the first half was a poor performance. Even in the first half, it could be 3-0 in the first half. I must be honest, this wasn't a football match from my team. We were happy with some of our games but today, we were not good. The goalkeeper didn't even have to make saves. I try defending my team but today, very, very bad performance from everyone. May be Vishal, if he doesn't make saves today, it could be seven-eight goals. We didn't have Crivellaro and our offence was not definitely not good.

"I think I try today to have players in the middle with Chhangte and Memo, they can play football but there was no creativity. Someone who can take the ball and make those passes, we missed that today. Even if you pass the ball but there is no movement off the ball, if there is no ideas and creativity, it doesn't make any difference as we saw today."

21:43 (IST)

Hero of the Match Halicharan Narzary After the Game

"This win was very important because we had lost a few games. The game was very good for us.

"At half time, the coach asked us not to give up. He asked us to create chances and keep working hard.

"Since my childhood, I've not had too many people helping him (score goals) so that's my celebration (a salute)."

21:40 (IST)

ISL Points Table

Here is how the ISL 2020-21 points table looks right now.

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21:37 (IST)

Pradyum Reddy on Chennaiyin FC's goal: "I have no idea what (Laxmikant) Kattimani is doing. Someone needs to remind him that he's a goalkeeper for a reason, you put your gloves on for a reason. That is comical. You're a goalkeeper, you're allowed to use your hands, use your hands."

21:34 (IST)

Full-time Stats

11 shots on target from Hyderabad FC, four goals and that just sums up how dominant they were!

Blog Image

21:29 (IST)


And that's it from GMC Stadium in Bambolim - 90 minutes of pacy action and five goals is what was delivered for us. Hyderabad FC dominated the play throughout the 90 minutes but it was in the second half that they ran over Chennaiyin FC. They started the match brilliantly but couldn't convert. However, they started the second half in the same vein and this time, they made it count. Joel Chianese (Hyderabad) and Anirudh Thapa (CFC) scored two extremely easy goals that came off errors but Halicharan Narzary (HFC, brace) and Joao Victory came up with absolutely fine finishes to lead Hyderabad to the emphatic victory.

Chennaiyin FC 1-4 Hyderabad FC

21:18 (IST)

Memo Booked

89' | Memo brings down Asish Rai and gets himself into the referee's books. That's a booking of frustration.

Chennaiyin FC 1-4 Hyderabad FC

21:16 (IST)

Chhangte Booked

86' | Lallianzuala Chhangte gets a yellow card for a rash tackle on Aridane Santana. That's an escape as it could have been a red. Chhangte completely smashes his boot into Aridane's ankle. That was a vicious one.

Chennaiyin FC 1-4 Hyderabad FC

21:11 (IST)


79' | GOAL! Halicharan Narzary gets a brace! Fran Sandaza passes the ball to Narzary on the right and in a perfect counter-attacking move, Narzary runs up, takes his time, and slots it home calmly.

Chennaiyin FC 1-4 Hyderabad FC

21:06 (IST)


74' | GOAL! Joao Victor with a brilliant finish. Joao Victor wins the ball in the midfield and plays to Sandaza, whose shot is saved. But the ball falls for Yasir, who lays it off for Victor and the man gives it a stunning finish.

Chennaiyin FC 1-3 Hyderabad FC

20:57 (IST)


67' | GOAL! Anirudh Thapa gets an easy tap-in. Reagan Singh sends a ball in the middle and Kattimani makes a horrible error as instead of catching the ball, he kicks it straight at Thapa, who simply taps it home. What a gift! Chennaiyin wanted to get out of the jail Hyderabad had put them into and it was the opposition's goalkeeper that gave them the key!

Chennaiyin FC 1-2 Hyderabad FC

20:51 (IST)


54' | Fatkhulo Fatkhulloev comes on for Jakub Sylvestr

61' | Jerry Lalrinzuala makes way for Edwin Vanspaul

20:50 (IST)

That's the first half double save from Vishal Kaith!

20:44 (IST)


53' | Halicharan Narzary with a sweet, sweet finish. Kaith punched the ball to the edge of the penalty area but Aridane headed it back towards Asish, who puts it back in the middle, Chianese's shot is blocked but it then falls for Narzary, who bullets it home.

Chennaiyin FC 0-2 Hyderabad FC

20:41 (IST)


50' | GOAL! Joel Chianese gets a gift of a goal. Aridane with a half-hearted ball up for Chianese but it's a horrible miscommunication between Eli Sabia and Vishal Kaith. Kaith comes way off his line to collect the ball but Sabia looks to clear the ball with Chianese on his back and his attempted clearance hits Chianese who rolls the ball into the back of the net.

Chennaiyin FC 0-1 Hyderabad FC

20:36 (IST)


46' | Lluis Sastre comes on for Souvik Chakrabarti

72' | Joel Chianese makes way for Fran Sandaza

81' | Fran Sandaza makes way for Liston Colaco. Sandaza is out with an injury

86' | Hitesh Sharma comes on for Narzary. Yasir makes way for Adil Khan

20:35 (IST)


The second half is underway at the GMC Stadium in Bambolim. The scoreline is level at 0-0 but both teams, especially Hyderabad FC, have had plenty of chances to go ahead.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

20:25 (IST)

Half-time Stats

Chennaiyin FC have a bit more possession than Hyderabad but the latter's pace has troubled the Chennaiyin defence immensely. Both sides have got eight shots but Hyderabad have four on target while Chennaiyin have two.

Blog Image

20:22 (IST)


What a brilliant half of football from Hyderabad FC. Even though Chennaiyin FC had a couple of chances of their own, Hyderabad overall dominated their opponents and it is only down to a miracle and the misses from Joel Chianese that the scoreline is level. Chianese had at least three big chances to find the back of the net but he couldn't convert any. Vishal Kaith came up with a brilliant double save in the 43rd minute to deny Hyderabad close to half time.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

20:17 (IST)


43' | Vishal Kaith with two brilliant saves! Asish Rai goes for goal from the right and Kaith gets his hands to it but it falls straight for Chianese and Kaith makes a point-blank save from him. Then Asish Rai takes another shot from afar and it hits the crossbar. What an escape for Chennaiyin FC!

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

20:11 (IST)

37' | Excellent work from Yasir to pass the ball to Chianese in the box, who is held off well by Jerry, but the ball eventually reaches Aridane, who heads it just over.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

20:04 (IST)

Kattimani Save

31' | The ball falls for Chhangte in the box and he turns around and goes for goal but Kattimani gets a crucial right leg to it.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

20:01 (IST)

28' | Excellent headed clearance from Laxmikant Kattimani as he has to come out of his box to deny Chennaiyin FC's excellent long ball.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

19:55 (IST)

Chianese Miss

23' | Yasir works the ball extremely well and goes for goal. Kaith spills an easy collect and it bounces out for Chianese, who has an open goal but his shot takes a touch off Kaith and goes out for a corner. What a chance!

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

19:53 (IST)

20' | Chennaiyin FC work around the ball extremely well, with Sylvestr, Jerry, Memo, Thapa, Chhangte and Reagan all involved. Reagan passes the ball to Thapa on the right, who passes into the middle for Sylvestr but the ball has too much pace and Sylvestr gets the contact but it goes way over.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

19:46 (IST)

14' | Brilliant move from Hyderabad once again! It has been far too easy for Hyderabad to get into the box. Chianese tries to pass in the middle but it takes a deflection off Jerry into Kaith's hands.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

19:44 (IST)

Wide from Odei

11' | Brilliant chance for Hyderabad FC! A perfect free kick into the far post for Odei Onaindia, who was free, but takes a poor finish.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

19:43 (IST)

9' | Good move from Chennaiyin FC! And a good ball in the middle that Sylvestr flicks across the goal but it misses the Chennaiyin man. On the counter, Souvik runs up and passes to Chianese, who rus forward in the middle with Souvik and Aridane on either side but he takes too much time and had the ball taken away.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

19:34 (IST)


Hyderabad FC get us underway at the GMC Stadium and immediately, they have a huge chance. Akash Mishra with a sweet ball for Aridane who flicks it with his head towards Joel Chianese towards the right, who runs up with the ball but Vishal Kaith makes the big save.

Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Hyderabad FC

ISL 2020-21 HIGHLIGHTS, Chennaiyin FC vs Hyderabad FC: Hyderabad Crush Chennaiyin 4-1

ISL 2020-21 Chennaiyin FC vs Hyderabad FC HIGHLIGHTS: Chennaiyin FC lost 1-4 against Hyderabad FC in the Indian Super League (ISL) 2020-21 points table in Match No.47 at the GMC Stadium in Bambolim on Monday. Halicharan Narzary receives a pass from Fran Sandaza, makes a brilliant run up the pitch and slots it home. Joao Victor with a brilliant finish in the 74th minute to increase Hyderabad's lead. Anirudh Thapa gets Chennaiyin FC back into the game in the 67th minute with an easy tap-in. Kaith makes a save but Hyderabad work the ball back into the dangerous area and as it falls for Halicharan Narzary, he slots it home beautifully. A horrible miscommunication between Eli Sabia and Vishal Kaith and Joel Chianese benefits from it as the ball rolls into the net in the 50th minute. Vishal Kaith with a stunning double save to deny Asish Rai and Joel Chianese keeps Chennaiyin level at 0-0 with Hyderabad. Chianese had another massive chance in the 23rd minute as he has an open goal after Kaith spilled the ball but the Chennaiyin goalkeeper redeems himself by saving Chianese's shot. Chianese gets a huge chance in the first minute for Hyderabad FC when he gets to a flicked header from Santana but Vishal Kaith makes a big save. Liston Colaco is starting on bench for Hyderabad FC while Deepak Tangri is back in the starting line-up for Chennaiyin FC but playmaker Rafael Crivellaro is out injured.


Chennaiyin FC are unbeaten in their last four games with three draws and a win while Hyderabad FC have lost their last three matches. Both Chennaiyin and Hyderabad have shown inconsistency where they have displayed good football but have been guilty of making mistakes at crucial junctures, which have lost them points. Chennaiyin have been inconsistent throughout while Hyderabad have seen a recent slump.

Poor finishing has cost CFC in the games so far and they have given away goals from set-piece situations which would not please the coach Csaba Laszlo as team has two wins, two losses and four draws so far. "We are working on it. We conceded all together seven goals, five from set-pieces. The last game was a clean-sheet and we have to continue in this way. We have good players who can defend," Laszlo said at the press meet ahead of Monday's game.

Up against an attack-minded CFC, the Hyderabad line-up, especially the defence would be facing a huge challenge. The CFC coach Laszlo isn't taking Hyderabad FC lightly and said they had been playing really well, adding "every team must be careful to play against them."


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