ISL 2020-21 Hyderabad FC vs SC East Bengal HIGHLIGHTS: Aridane, Maghoma Scores Brace but Hyderabad Win 3-2

ISL 2020-21 Hyderabad FC vs SC East Bengal HIGHLIGHTS: Jacques Maghoma and Aridane Santana scored a brace each for East Bengal and Hyderabad, respectively, but Halicharan Narzary's third goal proved to be the difference as Hyderabad won 3-2.

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Hyderabad FC VS SC East Bengal Football Scorecard

Match 29, Tilak Maidan Stadium, 15 Dec, 20 19:30

Hyderabad FC beat SC East Bengal(3-2)

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21:58 (IST)

Full-time Stats

Here are the full-time statistics of Hyderabad FC's 3-2 win over SC East Bengal. East Bengal had more of the possession but Hyderabad were just more penetrative and aggressive in front of the goal. Hyderabad's defence also did very well with 19 interceptions.

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21:52 (IST)

Hyderabad FC's Akash Mishra After the Game:

"I think coming back from a goal down and winning the game is the best thing.

"I think that was the changing moment. When Liston comes and brings in his energy and changes the game."

21:51 (IST)

SC East Bengal's Jacques Maghoma After the Match:

"It was a tough one. We started off well. Of course a little bit shaky in the first 5-10 minutes but then we picked up and got the first goal and then we settled down a bit. The keeper made a great save to keep us up 1-0. But second half they came up with high press and we conceded twice sadly.

"I was told the main thing is to be on the pitch. I have enough experience to play anywhere on the pitch and help the team. So I will play wherever I am asked to play. I was asked to play in the midfield today and later half, I went up a bit. Today, we finally got out first goal in the league but sadly, that didn't give us the win.

"We are just keeping them believing and mentally, keeping them strong in these tough situations. There are things going to be said about them and the team but we gotta stay together. We got two goals and we need to stop conceding goals. In one way, there were positive and the other way, we conceded on counter attacks mainly because we had the ball and gave away cheaply. Through these times, we need to be mentally strong that the things we are doing is going to work for us."

21:47 (IST)

Hyderabad FC Head Coach Manuel Marquez After the Game:

"I think we suffered too much in the last minutes. After 3-1, we had to control the game more. I agree with Eelco when Aaron came into the pitch we had problems. In the last minutes, we put in a lot of young players and the team went nervous in the last minutes.

"I know that Liston is a very important player for us but you know how are the injuries in this championship. We have to be careful because we have 2-3 foreigners and Liston is very important but may be better when the other team is tired. He is very powerful.

"I told them that they were playing for me very good football, very good first half. I think we deserved to score before East Bengal. But these things happen in football even if you miss the penalty. We have to be compact and of course, one of the key is we equalised and then we scored another goal. I am happy because it is difficult to ask for more from my players.

"I think we need to arrive with more players in the box. If I have one thing to critize to my team is that we keep the ball and defend well but we need to arrive with more players in the box and sometimes, it is just Aridane. That improves with Liston but Narzary has to arrive more even though he shoots well."

21:42 (IST)

Robbie Fowler Bitterly Disappointed After the Match:

"I don't know where to start. We say the same thing again and again, I think our players need to concentrate for the whole 90 minutes. We are trying but we are just not good enough. We were late to the party and some of our players have come from I-League and are struggling in the ISL. We train well but when we come in match situations, the players don't perform as well. I really don't know what to do. The recruitment has not been kind to us.

"I actually don't think we were that good in the first half as well, we were lucky. We needed to concentrate, knew what we had to do. But the players switched off and then our level dropped.

"It is what it is. We have got the squad. We have mixed and matched everyone and I talk to all the players. I pick the team from what I see in training but today the players in that shirt isn't the same. Some of the players' performance is just not ISL standard."

21:27 (IST)


And that's it from the Tilak Maidan! A rivetting five-goal thriller that goes Hyderabad FC's way! Aridane Santana and Jacques Maghoma scored a brace each for Hyderabad FC and SC East Bengal, respectively, but Halicharan Narzary's goal proved to be the difference as Hyderabad registered their second win of the season and maintained their unbeaten status.

Hyderabad FC 3-2 SC East Bengal

21:23 (IST)

90+3' | Rohit Danu plays a fabulous through ball for Liston Colaco, who is brougth down by Narayan Das but as Asish Rai gets to the ball, the referee plays advantage. Asish takes a bit more time and allows the East Bengal defenders to cover him but he had Rohit on his left but chose to go for goal himself and ended up shooting over. Narayan was then booked by the referee.

Hyderabad FC 3-2 SC East Bengal

21:20 (IST)

90+2' | Aridane plays a beautiful through ball for Rohit Danu but it's just ahead of him and Debjit gets to it first.

Hyderabad FC 3-2 SC East Bengal

21:19 (IST)

Rohit Danu Hits the Post

89' | SO CLOSE! That was almost another one for Hyderabad! Rohit Danu with a beautiful spinning shot at goal and Debjit, who was off his line, stretched fully but the ball was nowhere close to him but it hit the post.

Hyderabad FC 3-2 SC East Bengal

21:16 (IST)

Hyderabad FC Substitution

87' | Birthday boy Sahil Tanwar comes on for Halicharan Narzary.

Hyderabad FC 3-2 SC East Bengal

21:12 (IST)


81' - GOAL! Jacques Maghoma scores his second for SC East Bengal. Maghoma heads in a smart free kick from Pilkington at the near post. 

Hyderabad FC 3-2 SC East Bengal

21:08 (IST)

East Bengal Substitutions

77' | Double substitutions for SC East Bengal! Jeje Lalpekhlua and Sehnaj Singh comes off as Yumnam Singh and Surchandra Singh take the field.

Hyderabad FC 3-1 SC East Bengal

21:06 (IST)

Hyderabad FC Substitutions

70' | Souvik Chakrabarti comes on for Mohammad Yasir.

76' | Hitesh Sharma is replaced with Rohit Danu.

Hyderabad FC 3-1 SC East Bengal

21:00 (IST)


68' - GOAL! Halicharan Narzary finds the back of the net for Hyderabad FC's third goal of the night. But that goal is all about Liston Colaco! He picks up the ball 40 yards out and runs up cutting inside and outside repeatedly to confuse the defenders and then turns outside his marker to put it on a plate for Narzary.

Hyderabad FC 3-1 SC East Bengal

20:58 (IST)

East Bengal Substitution

68' | Aaron Amadi-Holloway comes on in place of CK Vineeth and this is his first ISL appearance. He has previously played under Robbie Fowler at Brisbane Roar.

Hyderabad FC 2-1 SC East Bengal

20:51 (IST)

East Bengal Substitution

58' | Mohammad Irshad, who had a yellow card to his name, was replaced as Abhishek Ambekar came on in his place.

Hyderabad FC 2-1 SC East Bengal

20:49 (IST)


56' - GOALS! Aridane Santana has given Hyderabad FC the lead and what a way to do it. He scored a brace within 39 seconds to break the East Bengal hearts. His first came off a Yasir free kick that he jumped and just got the tip of his head to. The second was a calm and cool finish after Liston Colaco found him at the far post with a beautiful ball.

Hyderabad FC 2-1 SC East Bengal

20:43 (IST)

54' | Liston dribbles up on the right and smashes a ball towards the box and that takes a deflection and falls for Akash, who turns around and takes a very meek shot.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 SC East Bengal

20:35 (IST)


Hyderabad FC get the second half underway! They make a second half substitution with Liston Colaco coming on in place of Nikhil Poojary.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 SC East Bengal

20:27 (IST)

Half-time Stats

Here are the statistics from the first half of Hyderabad FC vs SC East Bengal! The possession is pretty much equal but East Bengal have been more clinical as their one shot on target made it into the back of the net. Hyderabad have had three shots on target but none could trigger the scoreboard.

Blog Image

20:23 (IST)


That's it for the first 45 minutes! Lots of action there with Hyderabad FC dominating early on but SC East Bengal getting the goal against the run of play. Jacques Maghoma scored SC East Bengal's first goal in the Indian Super League to give them a 1-0 lead over Hyderabad FC. Hyderabad had a chance to level it up right before half time when they got a penalty but Aridane's effort was saved by Debjit as the dramatic first half came to an end.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 SC East Bengal

20:18 (IST)


45' | Aridane Santana missed the penalty surprise ! Hyderabad earn the penalty after Sehnaj Singh makes a bad challenge to bring down Yasir who was through in the SC East Bengal box. Aridane steps up and goes to Debjit's right, which the keeper guesses right and makes the big save.

Hyderabad FC 0-0 SC East Bengal

20:14 (IST)

42' | Stunning piece of skill from Asish Rai on the right flank. He back heels the ball over his marker's head and then turns around to collect the ball and move up. He even lays a good ball up for Poojary, who pulls it back in the middle straight to Maghoma.

Hyderabad FC 0-0 SC East Bengal

20:10 (IST)

38' | SC East Bengal have looked a bit more organised and pumped up to go ahead since the goal. Hyderabad FC have created a couple of chances to equalise but have not been able to convert them.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 SC East Bengal

20:02 (IST)

Poojary's Big Miss

28' | WHAT A MISS FROM NIKHIL POOJARY! Yasir whips in a brilliant cross in the middle and Poojary moves away from Narayan Das and is left completely unmarked. He gets a free header but makes a complete howler of it!

Hyderabad FC 0-1 SC East Bengal

20:01 (IST)


26' | GOAL! And Jacques Maghoma has made history for SC East Bengal! He scores the team's first ISL goal to put them in lead against Hyderabad FC. Anthony Pilkington does extremely well to recover the ball from a Subrata Paul palm out, takes it to the left flank and looks up from the side of his to put a straight ball back towards the middle for Matt Steinmann. Steinmann plays the ball in the middle for an onrushing Maghoma, who slots it home.

Hyderabad FC 0-1 SC East Bengal

19:56 (IST)

24' | Good interplay by Hyderabad FC in the East Bengal half with Victor and Poojary in the thick of things. Poojary then delivers a top notch ball to the far post for Aridane but a foul is called against him for a push.

Hyderabad FC 0-0 SC East Bengal

19:53 (IST)

Debjit Saves

21' | Yasir with another lovely free kick close to the far post for Aridane but Debjit palms it out for a corner.

Hyderabad FC 0-0 SC East Bengal

19:50 (IST)

19' | A different training routine on the corner from Hyderabad FC! The ball is played at the edge of the box and is then scooped up for Aridane at the far post but Aridane's header is caught up by Debjit.

Hyderabad FC 0-0 SC East Bengal

19:46 (IST)

13' | Embarassing for Debjit! He hesitates to get to the ball outside the box and then his kick richochets off Nikhil Poojary, who was closing him down. To his good luck, they are able to get it away for a corner. Terrible marking from East Bengal and Odei Onaindia gets a free header from the corner but his header towards the goal is cleared away.

Hyderabad FC 0-0 SC East Bengal

ISL 2020-21 Hyderabad FC vs SC East Bengal HIGHLIGHTS: Aridane, Maghoma Scores Brace but Hyderabad Win 3-2

ISL 2020-21 Hyderabad FC vs SC East Bengal HIGHLIGHTS: Hyderabad FC beat SC East Bengal 3-2 at the Tilak Maidan in Vasco, Goa in Match No.29 of the Indian Super League (ISL) 2020-21 on Tuesday. Hyderabad registered their second win of the season and maintained their unbeaten status with a thrilling win. Hyderabad has a couple of big chances to increase their lead even more but the scoreline ended at 3-2. Jacques Maghoma scored his second as he headed in a smart free kick from Anthony Pilkington. Halicharan Narzary scored off some magical play by Liston Colaco to increase Hyderabad FC's lead. Aridane Santana scored two in 39 seconds to give Hyderabad the lead early in the second half. Hyderabad FC had a golden chance to equalise late in the first half when they got a penalty for Aridane Santana's effort was saved by Debjit. Jacques Maghoma makes history for SC East Bengal as he scores their first ISL goal to give them a lead against Hyderabad FC. Aridane Santana is in the starting XI for Hyderabad FC despite injury scare while Liston Colaco starts on bench. For SC East Bengal, CK Vineet is starting up front alongside Jeje Lalpekhlua.


Hyderabad FC have scored just one goal from open play (three altogether) and have the least shot accuracy of 20.68 per cent in this campaign. On the other hand, SC East Bengal are yet to open their account in the scoring department. The match-up is likely to be a low-scoring affair given the statistics that both teams hold at the moment.

Hyderabad FC coach Manuel Marquez brushed aside the talks of his team being under pressure and said, "Our team is playing good football and we don't have pressure. For me, the best thing at this moment is to know is that the performance of these guys without foreigners is fantastic and we have to improve as fast as we can." Robbie Fowler's East Bengal held Jamshedpur FC to a goalless draw despite playing with a man down for more than an hour, which he believes in an encouraging sign. "The motivation is always there to win every single game. We are a team with great work ethic. The togetherness from this team is brilliant. We are full of fighters," he said.

Marquez also said it wouldn't be an easy outing. "I think East Bengal is growing, and they had chances to score in their matches against ATK Mohun Bagan, Mumbai and NorthEast United when the scores were even. If we change our style because East Bengal has not scored any goals, it will be wrong. We know that we have possibilities to win the game if we play in our style."


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