ISL 2020-21 HIGHLIGHTS, NorthEast United FC vs Hyderabad FC: Colaco Double, Chianese Magic Helps HFC Win 4-2

ISL 2020-21 HIGHLIGHTS, NorthEast United FC vs Hyderabad FC: Liston Colaco gets a stunning brace.Benjamin Lambot and Federico Gallego score in the last three minutes to level it up for NorthEast. Joel Chianese's beautiful finish doubles HFC's lead. Aridane Santana scored off a stunning Chianese assist. Scoreline:- NorthEast United FC 2-4 Hyderabad FC

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NorthEast United FC VS Hyderabad FC Football Scorecard

Match 51, Tilak Maidan Stadium, 08 Jan, 21 19:30

Hyderabad FC beat NorthEast United FC(4-2)

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21:53 (IST)

Hyderabad FC Head Coach Manuel Marquez After the Match

"It's not normal to score four goals in two cionsecutive games but we know we have good players in the offensive part. Today again Aridane scored and Joel score and Liston scored, finally. I love this guy and I say it everyday but he finally scored two after last season. Except the last five minutes, we did lose control of the game in the first half with the penalty and those goals. But I think the result is fair because in the second half we attacked more than NorthEast.

"I think at half time, it was one of the day when I was very, very angry with some details, not with the players, the performance was good but you cannot lose concentration in five minutes. I was very angry but of course, we had 45 minutes and I said we have to play like 0-0 again.

"I think that this will be the normal thing till the end of the competition. Yesterday, Nishu Kumar was injured. I don't know how Joao finished the game, he was not only tired but had pain in the hamstring. We can now rest till 16 Jan but from then till 28th Feb, we have to play 10 games. It's no excuse though. I have to use more players in the second leg if we want to arrive fresh for the end."

21:47 (IST)

NorthEast United FC Head Coach Gerard Nus After the Game

"Disappointing result, we wanted to win. We came with a plan, how to defend and attack, but not good. We showed spirit in the first half to come back, also the timing was great. But at the end of the day, like I said against Odisha we created chances but didn't score. Today, it happened again. We have to keep working, we have to be more clinical in front of the game. It's the hardest thing in football to score goals but we've got to keep going.

"Machado had a yellow card, also Mashoor, so that was the substitution. When you play with Fox, he can provide opportunities as well in the set pieces and also from the back. But Machado had a great game and I was very happy with him as well. But we wanted to bring in new energy. We though those substitutions were the right thing to do.

"We know Ashutosh is really good going up. We can also attack from the left. We didn't have plans to just attack the right, that's makes a team more unpredictable. This is a young squad, many players don't have ISL experience but this is a club that develops players and that takes time. I don't think we deserved to lose but we have to get prepared for the next game.

"Both are good goalkeepers. Gurmeet is younger and has a lot of time ahead, I am happy for him. Subhasish is experienced. I don't think either of them are miles ahead of each other. It's good for the coach to have that option."

21:42 (IST)

Liston Colaco After the Match

"I am very happy with my performance. They were important goals and an important victory for us as a team.

"I have been training very hard. In the first few games, I wasn't hitting the target so I practiced a lot and that showed today.

"I prefer to play as a left winger.

"I love to score and I want to score in every match against every opponent."

21:38 (IST)

Hero of the Match Joel Chianese After the Game

"We take the three points, that's all that matters. We were two-nil up and we thought we would have the lead at half time but it was nervy and we conceded. But we showed a lot of character, good mood in the camp.

"I saw the boys playing and did all I could to play along. I am just enjoying playing football in India.

"It's a tough match but I think here anyone can beat anyone on the day. We will be fresh and prepared. They have got very good players and we are going to be ready. If we slip up like tonight, we might find it tough but I think we will be prepared."

21:29 (IST)


Fantastic, entertaining game at the Tilak Maidan as Hyderabad FC came out victorious with that second half brace from Liston Colaco. He came on in the 64th minute and made all the difference in the end as he struck a double to give Hyderabad the 4-2 win against NorthEast United FC. It was even till the last five minutes when Liston took down three NEUFC defenders to score his first and finished it off with a second in the stoppage time. Joel Chianese was brilliant throughout the match with a goal and an assist in the first half. NorthEast United FC played extremely well in the first half and reaped benefits of the same towards the end of it. However, Hyderabad were pretty much in control in the second half and with Luis Machado being substituted, NorthEast took a defensive stance, something that perhaps cost them.

NorthEast United FC 2-4 Hyderabad FC

21:24 (IST)


90+4' | GOAL! Liston Colaco gets a sensational brace. A brilliant flick off the back of his shoulder from Santana and Colaco gets to the ball and as he is through, he takes his time and slots the ball home calmly to get his second of the night. He had scored two against NorthEast last season and he does the same this season as well.

NorthEast United FC 2-4 Hyderabad FC

21:15 (IST)


85' - GOAL! Liston Colaco scores a stunner! Colaco received the ball on the right flank and danced around three NorthEast United FC defenders and goes right and left to wrong-foot two men and moves from between them to drive the ball home. 

NorthEast United FC 2-3 Hyderabad FC

21:05 (IST)

74' | Some excellent piece of skill from Narzary to fend off two NorthEast defenders but Chianese's attempt at goal is blocked.

NorthEast United FC 2-2 Hyderabad FC

20:57 (IST)


64' | Liston Colaco comes on for Mohammed Yasir

87' | Adil Khan comes on for Chianese

90' | Narzary makes way for Abhishek Halder

20:56 (IST)


67' | Apuia comes on for Rempuia

68' | Dylan Fox comes on for Luis Machado (Machado is shocked and not happy). Mashoor makes way for Rochharzela.

20:53 (IST)

64' | Chianese catches off NorthEast players and goal bound, passes to Yasir, who does a little too much the ball and the move gets thwarted,

NorthEast United 2-2 Hyderabad FC

20:49 (IST)

60' | VP Suhair across the Hyderabad defence once more as no one closes him down and passes to Machado, who shot on target is palmed out by Kattimani. Suhair's headed off the corner is over.

NorthEast United FC 2-2 Hyderabad FC

20:43 (IST)

55' | Almost a gift! A horrible back pass almost let in Santana but Subhasish came out and kicked the ball away.

NorthEast United FC 2-2 Hyderabad FC

20:35 (IST)


46' | The second half gets underway at Tilak Maidan. And immediately, Machado has a golden chance when the ball lands at his feet and he is unmarked. But his first-time shot is over the bar.

NorthEast United FC 2-2 Hyderabad FC

20:32 (IST)

Half-time Stats

The statistics from the first 45 minutes clearly shows that NorthEast United FC created more chances for themselves than Hyderabad FC.

Blog Image

20:31 (IST)


What an exciting half of football there! Hyderabad FC got the lead off Aridane Santana and Joel Chianese but overall, NorthEast United FC was the better team in those first 45 minutes and they reaped benefits of that in the last few minutes with Federico Gallego's penalty and Benjamin Lambot's goal got them back in the game. Surely, it will be a very interesting second half!

NorthEast United FC 2-2 Hyderabad FC

20:24 (IST)


45+2' | GOAL! Benjamin Lambot strikes home amidst a melee in the box. A beautiful ball is floated to the near post and Ashutosh heads at the goal and what follows is a scramble with Kattimani fighting five NorthEast players alone. None of the Hyderabad players came to the goalmouth to challenge for the ball and Lambot found the finish.

NorthEast United FC 2-2 Hyderabad FC

20:22 (IST)


44' | GOAL! Federico Gallego scores from the spot as he sends the ball in the centre with Kattimani diving to his left. The penalty was awarded against Narzary for bringing down Ashutosh. It did seems that the contact was made outside the box and Ashutosh went down in the box.

NorthEast United FC 1-2 Hyderabad FC

20:13 (IST)

Asish Booked

41' | Now, Asish Rai goes into the referee's books for bringing down Machado. He has taken one for the team here.

NorthEast United FC 0-2 Hyderabad FC

20:13 (IST)

Machado Booked

40' | Luis Machado cannot believe he has been booked! Puzzling decision from the referee. He was one-on-one in a challenge with Asish Rai and Asish won the ball but it's unclear why Machado was booked.

NorthEast United FC 0-2 Hyderabad FC

20:10 (IST)


36' | GOAL! Joel Chianese scores a beautiful goal. Akash Mishra did extremely well to challenge for the ball after Narzary had lost it and Mishra gets up after the challenge, runs to the ball and somehow passes to Chianese on his right. Chianese runs up and no one closes him down and he slots it home.

NorthEast United FC 0-2 Hyderabad FC

20:01 (IST)

Kattimani Save

29' | SAVE! Idrissa Sylla goes for goal with a powerful shot and Kattimani just gets his palm to it and once more, a huge opportunity for NorthEast United has gone away. Hyderabad need to take some control back, it been all about NorthEast in the past few minutes.

NorthEast United FC 0-1 Hyderabad FC

19:54 (IST)

23' | It's been a pretty even match since the early goal and in fact, the better chances have come for NorthEast United FC. Luis Machado has looked extremely lively out there.

NorthEast United FC 0-1 Hyderabad FC

19:47 (IST)

Off the Post

15' | Luis Machado with some brilliant work! He dances past the Hyderabad defence and goes for goal. Kattimani dives to his left and get his fingertips to the ball, which then bounces off the post. That's an escape for Hyderabad!

NorthEast United FC 0-1 Hyderabad FC

19:44 (IST)

13' | NorthEast get a great chance from some good work around the Hyderabad FC box and Gallego puts in a stunning free kick into the box that Idrissa Sylla should have got it. That's a missed opportunity!

NorthEast United FC 0-1 Hyderabad FC

19:43 (IST)

Mashoor Booked

6' | First booking of the game and the yellow card is shown to Mashoor Shereef! Shereef bangs into Akash Mishra and that's pure frustration after they conceded so early.

NorthEast United FC 0-1 Hyderabad FC

19:36 (IST)


3' | GOAL! Aridane Santana taps it in to give Hyderabad FC a 1-0 lead. It was the easiest of finishes for Santana as Joel Chianese laid it on a plate for him. Chianese ran havoc on the left flank fending off four NorthEast defenders to manouvere his way into the box to set it up for Santana.

NorthEast United FC 0-1 Hyderabad FC

19:31 (IST)


1' | And we get underway at the Tilak Maidan in this mid-table clash. If NorthEast United FC win today, they can overtake Hyderabad FC in the table but if the men in black and yellow win, they will jump into Top 4.

19:13 (IST)

Here's how Hyderabad FC warmed up for today's game vs NorthEast United FC.

19:03 (IST)

Hear from Pragyan Gogoi, who makes it to the matchday squad for the first time this season.

ISL 2020-21 HIGHLIGHTS, NorthEast United FC vs Hyderabad FC: Colaco Double, Chianese Magic Helps HFC Win 4-2

ISL 2020-21 NorthEast United FC vs Hyderabad FC HIGHLIGHTS: NorthEast United FC lost 4-2 against Hyderabad FC as the latter jump into the top 4 of the Indian Super League (ISL) 2020-21 points table in Match No.51 at the Tilak Maidan in Vasco, Goa on Friday. Liston Colaco makes a cool and calm finish to get his brace in stoppage time. Liston Colaco dances on the right of the Hyderabad box and scores a stunner in the 85th minute. The second half has been quite level in terms of how both teams have played. Benjamin Lambot finishes after a scramble in the box to bring NorthEast back on level terms. Federico Gallego scores from the spot off a contentious penalty in the 45th minute. Joel Chianese finishes beautifully to give Hyderabad a 2-0 lead in the 36th minute. Idrissa Sylla's powerful shot in the 29th minute is saved by Kattimani. Luis Machado hit the target in the 15th minute that Kattimani got his fingertips to and the ball bounced out off the post. Joel Chianese lights up the Tilak Maidan to set in on a plate for Aridane Santana to taps it in in the third minute. NorthEast United FC will want to overtake Hyderabad in the points table and stop their run of mediocre performances. Hyderabad FC, on the other hand, will be looking to maintain momentum after overturning three straight losses and defeating Chennaiyin FC emphatically. Follow all the live updates of NorthEast United FC vs Hyderabad FC in News18 Sports' blog.


HFC are currently sixth in the league table, with 12 points from nine games while NorthEast United are a notch below with 11 points. While Hyderabad managed to arrest their three-match losing streak with a commanding victory over Csaba Lazlo's side in the last game, the Highlanders have not registered a victory in any of their last five games, picking up just three points. But both teams are equally matched and could produce an exciting contest on Friday.

Hyderabad FC head coach Manuel Marquez is not going to take NorthEast United FC lightly. "NorthEast are a well-organised side. They are a team with a lot of young players and a smart coach. Not just Appiah, Lambot, Apuia and Ninthoi, they have a lot of quality in their squad and are a dangerous side to face," said Marquez. "I know they have had a few poor results recently, but the performances were not bad and they can surely get a result from this game, and so can we," he added.

NorthEast United coach Gerard Nus is aware that when his side take on HFC, they will have to focus not just on Santana. "We know they are good with the ball and that they score goals in many ways," Nus said. "They score a lot from set-pieces and Aridane is always a threat. He's got a great goal-scoring record from last season as well and this year, he has scored five. He is a big guy but they have so many other players in attack. We have to be at our best to know how to manage them and create chances and put the ball in the net."


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