10-year-old Manchester United Fan Asks Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp to Lose. This is What He Replied

Juergen Klopp (Photo Credit: Twitter and Reuters)

Juergen Klopp (Photo Credit: Twitter and Reuters)

Juergen Klopp replies to a letter by a 10-year-old Manchester United fan who wanted Liverpool to lose the Premier League title.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has often hit headlines for his witty replies. The Liverpool boss has again created a buzz with his hilarious reply to a 10-year-old Manchester United fan.

The winning spree of the Reds in Premier League seems to be proving a little too much for the young lad. Displeased with the prospect of Liverpool winning its first title in 30 years, the 10-year-old boy wrote a letter to Klopp asking him to make his team lose the next time they play.

In the letter, the boy introduced himself as Daragh, a Manchester United fan. He said the Reds are winning too many games and if they manage to win nine more they will have the best unbeaten run in England, which is sad for a Manchester United fan.

Daragh asked Klopp that if he was convinced by his letter to not win the league.

"If you win nine more games, then you have the best unbeaten run in English football. Being a United fan that is very sad," Daragh wrote in his letter according to The Guardian.

"So the next time Liverpool play, please make them lose. You should just let the other team score. I hope I have convinced you to not win the league or any other match ever again."

Replying to Daragh's letter, the Liverpool head coach thanked him but added that unfortunately he could not grant his request.

Klopp wrote that as much as the boy wanted Liverpool to lose, it's his job to help Liverpool win as there are millions of people who want them to emerge victorious.

The Liverpool boss said that his team had lost in the past and would also be defeated in the future, explaining that dominance was not permanent and things change.

Praising Daragh, Klopp said that Manchester United is lucky to have a fan like him.


Liverpool and Manchester United are bitter foes and have 38 English league titles between them - United (20) and Liverpool (18).

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