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Bundesliga Official Offers Help to Football Delhi to Develop the Sport in City

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Last Updated: August 05, 2020, 16:27 IST

New Delhi

Bundesliga and Football Delhi

Bundesliga and Football Delhi

Bundesliga international's head of global marketing Peet Naubert said they were willing to 'extend their expertise and support' to football development in the capital.

Football Delhi may be in for a huge international support after a top official from Bundesliga extended a helping hand to the association to revive football in the capital.

Head of global marketing for Bundesliga international, Peer Naubert, said they were willing to assist Football Delhi in the development of football.

"We can extend our expertise and support to football in the Capital City to assist the development of football. By engaging with the local football fans, we will have the opportunity to increase the fan following of Bundesliga in Delhi.

"Clubs must have some social responsibilities to connect with the society. Top tier football must be connected with the local football," Naubert said in e-summit on Delhi Football Day, which is in honour of Sunil Chhetri's birthday.

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At a time when Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju spoke about the government's plan to scout talent aggressively, Football Delhi can make the best of that and Bundesliga's helping hand.

"It is vital to have a collaborative approach not only at the local level but at the national and global levels. This approach would bring the best out of our local clubs and then Delhi would lead by example," Football Delhi president Shaji Prabhakaran said.

Delhi once hosted two of India's most prestigious football tournaments - The Durand Cup and the DCM Trophy. Top corporates and journalists speaking at the e-summit wanted a "good product" that will attract the sponsors and the media.

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Siddhant Narayan, the head of marketing, OnePlus, said: "If you have a good mix of players then it would be better to bring the corporates for investment. Football Delhi should build a good package for brands to be part of football in the capital city, which would be a win-win situation as cities like Delhi are the target markets for the brands and data indicates that football following among youths are significant from metro cities."

Legendary football commentator John Helm said Delhi must have an "elite team" so that fans can watch on TV and get motivated. Helm's thoughts were echoed by Tuhin Mishra and Neerav Tomar, who run successful celebrity management groups.

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"The local football must have 10-15 elite players whom fans can connect with and follow," said Mishra of Baseline Ventures, while Tomar of IOS, wanted a long-term approach.

"There must be a long-term investment in football to get greater results and to develop the game. Local government must be engaged by the association as the state can play an important role to support the local needs," said Tomar.

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Hisham El Amrani, the former general secretary of the Confederation of African Football, suggested a "10-year strategic plan" to transform Delhi's football

"Government and state administrations need to step up to develop and Delhi must leverage its youth population to create a huge fan base," suggested Amrani.

first published:August 05, 2020, 16:27 IST
last updated:August 05, 2020, 16:27 IST