Chennaiyin FC Fans Allege Local Police of 'Misbehaviour' After ISL Match

Chennaiyin FC fans (Photo Credit: ISL)

Chennaiyin FC fans (Photo Credit: ISL)

Chennaiyin FC fans allege that they were manhandled by local police after their team's 4-1 win over FC Goa in the semi-final first leg at the Marina Arena.

New Delhi: Chennaiyin FC and their fans had much to celebrate after their stunning 4-1 win over FC Goa in the first leg of their semi-final at the Marina Arena on Saturday but the fans allege, they were 'manhandled' by the local police after the game for "no reason".

Lucian Goian, Anirudh Thapa, Eli Sabia and Lallianzuala Chhangte scored in Chennaiyin's brilliant win while Saviour Gama scored an away goal for Goa in the 85th minute.

Chennaiyin were the last to make the playoffs while Goa were the first and they also sealed the Asian Champions League spot by finishing on top of the table. However, the table turned around completely on Saturday.

It was amidst the frenzy of the celebrations of the massive victory that Chennaiyin FC fans allege, police treated them wrongly.

"Normally after every game, we stand near the team bus and leave only after it leaves. Saturday was a big win for us and we were doing the same but the cops blocked our way and didn't allow us near the team bus," a Supermachan Jenisha Rani told News18.com.

She further described their ordeal saying a few supporters were also dragged out.

"But a few fans had gone from the other side and had already reached near the team bus. Some of our guys had banners also and they kept the banners right where the police blocked their way.

"The Police dragged a number of fans outside the stadium and locked the gates but one or two guys who were inside with the banners were also told to leave but they didn't because they couldn't have left the banners behind. Also, the banners are big and heavy and they needed help to carry it.

"The Police dragged one of them out and said 'I am telling you to leave decently otherwise things will get worse'," Jenisha said.

Jenisha further said that one of the cops even slapped a supporter.

"The other guy responded saying 'we are also asking decently to let us take our banners out'. That was all he said and the cop immediately slapped him.

"All the supporters got angry and started screaming but the cop took that guy inside and beat him up really badly. And all this for no reason at all. His arms and face were left swollen," Jenisha alleged.

"I was near the team bus and was trying to call the management to inform them about the same when a few who were with me started to get dragged by the cops too.

"Rafael (Crivellaro) and Karanjit (Singh) had just come out and were taking selfies and the Police was dragging people from behind.

"The club guys then came and spoke to the police but by then the damage had been done," Jenisha stated.

Jenisha said they were "treated like criminals".

"Another policeman apologised to us since we refused to leave till 11 but the cop who beat up the fans did not. I tried to record but the police said they wouldn't have any conversation if I pulled out the camera."

News18.com got in touch with the club management but they refused to respond on the matter.