Gujarat Women's League: Baroda Football Academy Lead Points Table, Patan FC Close Second

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Gujarat Women's League 2019: Baroda Football Academy and Patan FC look poised to play the two-legged final.

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New Delhi: Gujarat Women's League 2019, which serves as the qualifier for Indian Women's League 2020 has entered its final phase after the first game of the fifth matchday was played on Monday, December 9. Five teams -- Baroda Football Academy, Patan Football Club, Sharpshooters Football Club, Kahaani Football Club and Royal Lions Sports Academy -- are participating in the league. According to the format of the league, all the five teams play each other once after which the top two teams qualify for the two-legged final. The dates of the final are yet to be decided.

After one game of Matchday 5, Baroda FA currently lead the points table with eight points from four games while Patan FC are second with seven points from three games. Patan FC will play fourth-placed Kahaani FC in the final match of the league phase on Saturday. Royal Lions SA finished at the bottom of the table, having lost all their four games without even getting on the scoresheet.

Here is the result from Matchday 5 (December 9):

MATCH 9: Baroda FA 7-0 Sharpshooters FC

Sharmila scored four goals, Mona bagged a brace and Pinky Darji found the back of the net once for the winners.

The second game of the fifth matchday will take place on December 14 at 3.30PM between Kahaani FC and Patan FC.


After one game of the fifth matchday, Baroda FA's Pinky Darji is the top scorer with eight goals from four matches. Mala of Sharpshooters FC is second on the list with seven goals to her name. Baroda FA's Mona and Aruna Chuahan of Kahaani SA are joint-third with five goals each, even though Mona has played a game more than Aruna.

Khushbu Saroj (Kahaani SA), Sharmila (Baroda FA), Sonal Parmar (Sharpshooters FC) and Surekha Thakor and Geeta Thakor (Patan FC) have scored four goals each. Tanzeela Zaffar (Baroda FA), Roshni Saroj (Kahaani SA) and Anjana Thakor, Alka Thakor and Antar Thakor (Patan FC) have three goals each to their names.

Drishti Pant (Baroda FA), Priyanka Bhil and Hridaya Patel (Sharpshooters FC), Lavanya Verma (Kahaani SA) and Kinjal Thakor and Shilpa Thakor (Patan FC) have scored two goals each.

The players with a goal each to their names are: Tarannum Shaikh, Anushka Nair, Arya Bhatt, Sapna and Aayushi Patel (Baroda FA), OG Arshdeep and Pinal Barad (Sharpshooters FC), Madhu Raghav and Rupa Saini (Kahaani SA) and Hetal Thakor, Tejal Thakor, Hetal D and Vilash Thakor (Patan FC)

Here is how the points table looks like after the first game of the fifth matchday:

Gujarat WL table

MATCHDAY 4 (November 17) -

MATCH 7: Kahaani SA 11-0 Royal Lions SA

Aruna Chuahan scored five goals, Roshni Saroj scored a hat-trick and Rupa Saini and Lavanya Verma bagged a goal each for the winners.

MATCH 8: Baroda FA 2-2 Patan FC

Mona and Aayushi Patel scored for Baroda FA while Alka Thakor and Antar Thakor bagged a goal each for Patan FC.

MATCHDAY 3 (November 10) -

MATCH 5: Kahaani SA 3-3 Baroda FA

Lavanya Verma, Khushbu Saroj and Madhu Raghav scored a goal each for Kahaani SA. Sapna, Pinky Darji and Drishti Pant bagged one goal each for Baroda FA.

MATCH 6: Sharpshooters FC 12-0 Royal Lions SA

Mala scored four goals, Sonal Parmar bagged a hat-trick, Hridaya Patel scored two goals and OG Arshdeep, Pinal Barad and Priyanka Bhil scored one goals each for Sharpshooters FC.

MATCHDAY 2 (November 3) -

MATCH 3: Baroda FA 13-0 Royal Lions SA

Pinky Darji scored six goals, Tanzeela Zaffar bagged a hat-trick and Tarannum Shaikh, Anushka Nair, Drishti Pant and Arya Bhatt got a goal each for the winners.

MATCH 4: Sharpshooters FC 0-5 Patan FC

Alka Thakor and Antar Thakor scored two goals each and Vilash Thakor bagged a goal for Patan FC.

MATCHDAY 1 (October 20) -

MATCH 1: Kahaani SA 3-5 Sharpshooters FC

Mala scored a hat-trick while Priyanka Bhil and Sonal Parmar bagged a goal each for the winners. Khushbu Saroj scored a hat-trick for Kahaani SA.

MATCH 2: Royal Lions SA 0-18 Patan FC

Surekha Thakor and Geeta Thakor scored four goals each, Anjana Thakor bagged a hat-trick, Kinjal Thakor and Shilpa Thakor scored two goals each and Hetal Thakor, Tejal Thakor and Hetal D bagged a goal each for Patan FC.

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