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How Cesaro Convinced Sheamus to Support Switzerland at Euro 2020

Sheamus & Cesaro during their visit to Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City Football Club. (WWE PHOTO)

Sheamus & Cesaro during their visit to Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City Football Club. (WWE PHOTO)

WWE’s Cesaro will be rooting for Switerzland at the Euro 2020 and will have the support of his close friend Sheamus, but before that, the Swiss Superman hopes to deal with some unfinished business at WWE Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins

Cesaro has had a storied run in the WWE, from numerous tag-team reigns and multiple heel runs, the first Superstar from Switzerland is finally getting a main-event push with his programme with Seth Rollins and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

A self-proclaimed football fan, Cesaro opened up on his rivalry with Seth Rollins and their possible meeting at Hell in a Cell as well as Switzerland’s chances at the upcoming EURO 2020, in an interaction with news18.com.


“It took a long time to get here. And it wasn’t just given, you know, you’ve seen all the struggles have been through. And I feel like we have been on this long journey together. So it makes it so much more special,” Cesaro said on being asked about his recent push.

“As for what’s in store for me, first beating the crap out of Seth Rollins, then becoming World Champion, and then taking that World Championship all over the world,” he added.

Cesaro also said that he is proud to be the only WWE Superstar from Switzerland and that is why fans and aspiring wrestlers from different countries connect with him.

“I said it in other interviews before, I’m extremely proud of being from a different country, being an international WWE superstar. And I feel that’s why I connect with people from all over the world because they see me coming from a country that wrestling or WWE is now popular. But I had a dream, I worked hard, and I made it at WWE and now I want to I want to bring that dream to different countries all over the world,” he said.

WWE has been expanding their market and with WWE NXT UK they have dedicated TV programming catering to Europe. Apart from Cesaro, a host of other European talent have been tearing it up under the NXT brands in USA and UK. Austria’s Walter is the reigning WWE NXT UK Champion and heads the ultra-dominant stable Imperium, comprising German Marcel Barthel and Italian Fabian Aichner.

With an eye on the Asian market, WWE has an impressive roster of Japanese superstars and recently produced an India-centric show, the Superstar Spectacle, that was aired on India’s Republic day earlier this year, featuring Indian talents like Jinder Mahal, The Bollywood Boys, Indus Sher, and top WWE stars including Drew McIntyre.

“You know, I thought it was awesome that we did the Superstar Spectacle, you know, together with Sony for India, because I know there’s a lot of fans in India and a lot of people who want to see Indian WWE superstars. I feel that’s the important part to connect with an audience to connect with people and to show we do care. It’s hard for our schedule, sometimes to come to India, it is possible for people from there to come to the US to make it into WWE and to become successful. And if you watched over the last few years, there are many more superstars from all over the world. And if I just inspired the one or the other, that would mean the world to me, because when I was growing up, like it still there’s nobody else from Switzerland. So I would love to be the person that takes the world champion or the Universal Championship, you know, like all over the world. And, you know, bring it back to full arenas.,” he added.

Cesaro alluded to his learnings and gradual building of his in-ring character that has helped him in getting to where he is now. When asked how important it is, Cesaro said: ” I always try to evolve my character. If you watch WWE you see that like it’s never the same. It because, I feel like if you stand still, you’re moving backwards, especially in WWE. You’ve seen people do this. Like, if something doesn’t work, I used to think I love to try stuff that doesn’t work, because then I know it doesn’t work, you need to find something else. So then you move on, you try to do something new. And to me, it’s always about having fun, right? So whatever I think.. okay, this is fun. This is working. This is what the crowd likes. This is what the WWE universe likes. So I’m always trying to do that.”

When prodded for specifics, Cesaro said: “I’m always trying to evolve my characters, always try to get better, have better gear, getting better promos doing better matches, doing just like everything, you always have to, you always want to get better. You’re never, oh, great. I’ll just stop. Like you always. You always want to get better. And to me, that is extremely important. So maybe something changed, because, you know, people saw that I’ve been here for a long time. And I always operate at the absolute highest level. No matter what. And, you know, I think, for some people, it just takes a while to get there. You know, and I feel you hear it a lot after people win championships. You know, they go like, oh, never give up. But I feel Yes, I came short against Roman Reigns. But I’m still the one that says that. Never give up. Always believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Because when you look back, it’s that journey. And you know, I mean, like those people that you met, those people that you inspired, the work you put in and the fact that you can say no, I did it the way I wanted and I didn’t sacrifice my values. That’s what’s important at the end of the day.”

As for his immediate plans at Hell in a Cell, Cesaro said that he can’t wait to get his hands on Seth Rollins, after being jumped on an episode of SmackDown, and “hopefully beat some sense into him”.

When asked about his friendship with The Bar teammate, Sheamus, Cesaro said that what fans saw on television was exactly how they were off-screen.

“Seamus is still a very good friend, very, very good friend, actually. So it was interesting because it came at an interesting part of our career, we both kind of like, didn’t really know where we’re going to go. And then you saw the whole thing of us coming together as a team and then becoming essentially like, like brothers, like best friends. And you were able to see it all on television. So to me, every single time you see me and Seamus together like that’s how we and Seamus are together. That’s not an act. That’s just we just give each other crap. We have a go at each other.”

“We watch football together, we got to watch the Euros together. He actually ordered a Switzerland jersey because Ireland didn’t make it. So he has to pick a second team. So he picked Switzerland of course.”

Cesaro confessed that he loved to play football growing up and even enjoys the sport with his co-workers in WWE.

“I played football. When I was a kid, just like every other kid. I actually went to school early, just to play football with my friends before school started. I think like everybody that plays any sport knows that, like, oh, we’re going to rush to school or you know, like after dinner or something, you’re just going to go out and play some more football.”

“All my friends from Mexico, from Europe, you know, from everywhere. We talk football all the time, we actually talk sports all the time. I remember when we were in Australia, and Australia played England in cricket. And Wade Barrett came out with the cricket bat. And England just beat Australia and he cut this long promo. Seamus and I, whatever sport activity, the race or whatever sports team, we can go visit. We want to because we just love it so much. And we understand what it means to the community in the countries.”

“Especially something like the Euro where, you know, you have like pride and even if your country is not in it, like Seamus – Ireland didn’t make it. You pick a second team, and then you just roll with them. And that’s what we did for the last World Cup. You know, we all I think we were in Japan and China at that time, and we just I was me Seamus and Rusev and we just stayed up to like three in the morning and just all watch the game together and like that’s what sport means. And like everybody that’s what’s fun, like we all talk about it. We all watch it and we all bond over it.”

Fans can watch Cesaro on “Hell in a Cell” which will be aired LIVE in India on 21st June 2021 on SONY TEN 1, SONY TEN 3 (in Hindi) and SONY TEN 4 (in Tamil and Telugu) from 5.30 am (IST)

Watch UEFA EURO 2020 – LIVE on Sony Ten 2 channel from 11th June onwards

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first published:June 11, 2021, 09:10 IST