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Kickstart FC Win Karnataka Women's League to Qualify for Indian Women's League

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Last Updated: December 22, 2019, 17:49 IST

Kickstart FC will represent Karnataka in next year's Indian Women's League. (Photo Credit: KSFA)

Kickstart FC will represent Karnataka in next year's Indian Women's League. (Photo Credit: KSFA)

Karnataka Women's League 2019: Kickstart FC finished at the top of the table to win the league and qualify for Indian Women's League next year.

New Delhi: The final matchday of the second season of Karnataka Women's League Super Division took place on Sunday, December 22. Six teams -- Bangalore United FC, Bangalore Soccer Galaxy, Belgaum United FA, Misaka United FC, Kickstart FC, Mangalore United FC and Parikrma Girls FC -- participated in the league, which was held in a single leg format with each team getting six games.

Kickstart FC lead the points table with 12 points from four games while Bangalore United FC are second with nine points from as many games. BUFC currently have a better goal difference so that can be an interesting factor if it comes down to that. Mangalore United FC comtinue at the bottom of the pile as they stay without a win in four matches. Belgaum United FC is the only team to have played five games and are fifth in the table.

Here are the results from Matchday 7 (the final matchday):

MATCH 19: Kickstart FC 5-0 Misaka United FC

Samundeeswari and Bibi Nausheen scored a brace each while Margaret Devi found the back of the net once for the winners.

MATCH 20: Bangalore United FC 2-0 Parikrma FC

Paromita Sit and Amoolya Kamal scored a goal each for Bangalore United FC.

The third match between Mangalore United FC and Bangalore Soccer Galaxy could not take place as the former couldn't make it to the match due to the ongoing protests against Citizenship Amendment Bill and therefore, BSG were given a walkover.


(Photo Credit: KSFA)

Paromita Sit of Bangalore United FC finished as the top scorer of the league with with eight goals from six games. Kickstart FC's Kavya P finished second on the list with five goals in as many games.

Sangita Das of Bangalore United FC and Kickstart FC's Bibi Nausheeb Mamode and Samundeeswari finished the league with four goals in six games while the ones tied at three goals each are: Misaka United FC's Vaishnavi Dharmaraj, Kritika Poyam of Bangalore Soccer Galaxy and Belgaum United FC's Anjali Hindalgekar.

The ones to have scored two goals each are: Malavika P and Priya A (both Misaka United FC) and Amoolya Kamal (BUFC).

The ones who have scored a goal each are: Harshitha TR and Vanitha P (BUFC), Thian Hoih, Renuga V, Margaret Devi and Sowbakkiyam (Kickstart FC), Anjitha M, Ashly YM and Ira Gopal (Misaka United FC), Manju (Bangalore Soccer Galaxy), Aditi Jadhav (Belgaum United FC), Deepthi Thangamma (Mangalore United FC) and Judith Sonali John, Rakhsa P, Priyanka R, Mithila Ramini and Jane Spadigam (Parikrma FC).


Best Striker: Belgaum United FC's Anjali Hindalgekar

Best Midfielder: Tanvie Hans of Parikrma FC

Best Defender: Bangalore United FC's Komal Kumari

Best Goalkeeper: Aishwarya of Kickstart FC

Most Valuable Player: Kickstart FC's Kavya P

(All Photo Credits: KSFA)

Here is how the points table looks like at the end of the league:


MATCH 16: Parikrma FC 0-0 Belgaum United FA

MATCH 17: Kickstart FC 7-0 Mangalore United FC

Karishma Rai scored a hat-trick while Kavya P and Sowbakkiyam bagged a brace each in Kickstart's win.

MATCH 18: Bangalore United FC 2-0 Bangalore Soccer Galaxy

Sangita Das' brace helped Bangalore United FC win.


MATCH 13: Mangalore United FC 0-6 Bangalore United FC

MATCH 14: Parikrma FC 0-3 Kickstart FC

MATCH 15: Misaka United FC 6-0 Belgaum United FA


MATCH 10: Belgaum United FC 1-1 Bangalore Soccer Galaxy

MATCH 11: Misaka United FC 2-1 Mangalore United FC

MATCH 12: Kickstart FC 1-0 Bangalore United FC


MATCH 7: Bangalore Soccer Galaxy 1-4 Kickstart FC

MATCH 8: Mangalore United FC 0-1 Belgaum United FA

MATCH 9: Parikrma FC 1-1 Misaka United


MATCH 4: Parikrma Girls FC 2-1 Bangalore Soccer Galaxy

Mithila Ramini and Jane Spadigam scored for Parikrma Girls FC while Kritika scored the only goal for Bangalore Soccer Galaxy.

MATCH 5: Misaka United FC 0-2 Bangalore United FC

Sangita Das and Promita Sit scored for the winners.

MATCH 6: Belgaum United FA 1-3 Kickstart FC

Anjali H, scored the only goal for Belgaum United FA while Samudeeswari, Bibi Momade and Kavya P scored for Kickstart FC.


MATCH 1: Bangalore United FC 4-1 Belgaum United FA

Promit scored a hat-trick and Amoolya netted the other for Bangalore United FC while Anjali H scored the only goal for Belgaum United.

MATCH 2: Bangalore Soccer Galaxy 1-1 Misaka United FC

Manju scored for Bangalore Soccer Galaxy while Vaishnavi scored for Misaka United FC.

MATCH 3: Mangalore United FC 0-2 Parikrma Girls FC

Rakhsa P and Priyanka R scored for Parikrma Girls FC.

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