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Lionel Messi Surprises 100-year-old Super Fan with Video Message | Watch

Lionel Messi and his 100-year-old superfan, Hernan

Lionel Messi and his 100-year-old superfan, Hernan

Lionel Messi surprised his 100-year-old superfan, Hernan with a special video message.

Most sports fans either root for their favourite teams or players. Then there are those who build their entire lives around them, they are a special lot who go beyond painting faces or get custom tattoos of their favourite sports icon. However, it will be difficult to beat this centenarian die-hard superfan who has filled up 730 notebooks covering Lionel Messi’s goal scoring career.

Last weekend, Messi finally won the first major international trophy of his illustrious career, as Argentina beat Brazil in the summit clash of the Copa America at the iconic Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. The Argentine star forward’s joy at winning the Copa America title was very much evident for crowds at the venue and millions of fans worldwide. Amid the celebrations with teammates, the 34-year-old made a video call to his family from the ground to share the joyous moment with them.

According to an ole.com report, the Argentine star has since shared his success with a 100-year-old superfan. Don Hernan is a Spanish grandfather who has gained popularity on TikTok in recent weeks. However, what makes Hernan’s effort special is that he’s followed Messi from the very beginning of his career. Recording each and every single goal Messi has scored for club and country, all by hand with a pencil and paper. The superfan has filled up close to 730 notebooks covering his sporting idol’s goalscoring efforts.

Upon learning about this 100-year-old superfan, Messi surprised Hernan with a video message.


The video clip shared by the publication on Twitter, shows the grandson showing Messi’s video clip to his grandfather. in the video, Messi said that his (Don Hernan) story reached him and it seems crazy that you have been keeping track of the goals scored. Messi also mentioned that he’s sending a big hug and thanked him for what he does. The clip ends with a visibly welled up Hernan chuckling after watching Messi’s video for him.

Check it out here:

Meanwhile, Julian also shared Messi’s video clip on Instagram.

Notably, Hernan doesn’t have a smartphone and he has no idea how to use the internet. But the 100-year-old became a viral sensation on the short video platform, after his grandson Julian started posting his grandfather’s videos on the social media platform.

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first published:July 15, 2021, 15:43 IST