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Liverpool still have trust in Dalglish

Liverpool still have trust in Dalglish

The departure of director of football Damien Comolli had raised questions about his future.

Liverpool: Liverpool chairman Tom Werner has said that the club's board have great confidence in manager Kenny Dalglish. The departure of director of football Damien Comolli had raised questions about his future but the American has rubbished those suggestions. In an interview with Werner said:

"We've got great confidence in Kenny. We feel the team is going to make strides in the future and he enjoys our full support." When asked about why Comolli and Liverpool had parted ways Werner pointed to failings in the league as well as a need to act with the transfer window soon approaching.

"I think it's fair to say no supporter would be delighted with the results we've achieved this year. We feel we are a club that needs to be perceived as the strongest club in football and we want to get there. Frankly, we make these decisions with a great deal of care because it's our track record in Boston to give people authority and we've had great success with our manager, who was there for eight years, and our general manager, so we prefer stability. But when it's time to act, we need to act. We're coming close to the end of the season and the transfer window for the summer, and we felt it was important to make this change expeditiously."

Although a suggestion was made that the change came because of the Merseysiders scrutinised transfer policy, there was a reluctance from the 62 year old to confirm that was the sole reason for the change.

"I would say we certainly have the resources to compete with anybody in football. I wouldn't want to get specific about any particular decision that's been made. We feel there is enough talent on the pitch to win and, as I said, we've been dissatisfied, as most supporters have been, with the results so far. But we're also talking about the future - we have a strategy we need implemented and we felt Damien was probably not the right person to implement that strategy."

first published:April 12, 2012, 21:51 IST