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Maldini believes Amauri should play for Italy

Maldini believes Amauri should play for Italy

Former Azzuri captain has had his say on the Brazilian-born star's future.

New Delhi: The debate over which international nation Amauri will play for continues to roll on, as the Juventus man has been tossing up between Italy and Brazil for several months now.

A number of key figures have had their say on what he should do, with the latest being perhaps the most prominent of them all, the former Italian captain, and legend of the game, Paolo Maldini.

"These sorts of things happen in all sports around the world and in other countries as well," Maldini stated.

"Some of our rivals in France, Holland, Spain, Germany, and not to mention a number of the African nations, have for a very long time have co-opted players with double passports, so why shouldn’t Amauri?

"France won the World Cup in 1998, whilst Spain and Netherlands have both won the European Championship recently. We also won the 2006 World Cup with the Argentine (Mauro) Camoranesi.

"I think it would be good for Amauri to play for us, and I think that he would be a great inclusion to the squad."

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first published:March 28, 2009, 01:00 IST