Next 24 hours crucial for Muamba: Coyle

Next 24 hours crucial for Muamba: Coyle

Owen Coyle said the next 24 hours will be "absolutely crucial" for Fabrice Muamba in intensive care after he collapsed during Saturday's match.


London: Bolton manager Owen Coyle said the next 24 hours will be "absolutely crucial" for midfielder Fabrice Muamba in intensive care after collapsing during Saturday's match at Tottenham that was subsequently abandoned.

Coyle provided an update early on Sunday outside the London Chest Hospital where Muamba was rushed to the heart attack unit from White Hart Lane.

Coyle told Sky News television, "Fabrice is critically ill. The next 24 hours are going to be absolutely crucial ... it's very serious. There's not getting away from that."

He added: "God willing he makes it through."

The Zaire-born former England Under-21 international fell face-down to the pitch near the halfway line without any players near him in Saturday's game and medics rushed onto the pitch to begin resuscitating him. They treated the 23-year-old Muamba, pumping his chest for around six minutes of treatment, before he was rushed to hospital.

The crowd rose in applause as Muamba was carried off on a stretcher wearing an oxygen mask, while still having his chest pumped. The players also left the pitch before referee Howard Webb abandoned the match shortly after.

Meanwhile, messages of concern, support and prayers for the 23-year-old continued to pour in on Twitter.

"@fmuamba please please be ok bro! I love you so much bro. #PrayforMuamba please everyone he is the nicest guy u will ever meet an know!" said Middlesbrough defender Justin Hoyte, who came through the Arsenal youth team with Muamba.

"Come on Fabrice Muamba, praying for you," tweeted Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, while teammate Tom Cleverley said, "Not watching the game but I hope fabrice muamba is ok!"

"For all those asking, I know as much as you do.. waiting anxiously for updates from teammates. Fab is a fighter! #prayforMuamba. Praying for you Fab @fmuamba .. hope he's ok..Thoughts with him and his family," was the message from Muamba's Bolton teammate Stuart Holden.

"Thoughts with fabrices family, we're all praying that he will be ok. Both sets of fans so respectful to the situation. #letusallpray," wrote Jermaine Jenas, while Darren Bent said, "Thoughts are with fabrice muamba hope he pulls through".

"This is now a day when football across the World comes together to pray for Muamba. puts everything into perspective. #prayforMuamba," said Everton's Tim Cahill, while Shay Given tweeted, "Really shocked to see Fabrice Muamba stretchered off. Please God he is going to be ok. Thoughts and prayers are with him and his family."