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Not Only Match Tickets, Premier League Food Also Continues to Burn Fans' Pockets

Burnley fan (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Burnley fan (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Here is how much food and drinks cost at different Premier League clubs' stadiums.

Supporting one's favourite Premier League team and attending their matches can weigh heavy on football fans' pockets. The prices of tickets have been soaring with no signs of relief. Clubs cannot also really make any change in terms of transport fares.

One way by which football clubs can ease the high expenditure is by adjusting the cost of food and drinks, which they sell at home grounds. A bottle of water is sold at £2.50 at five different clubs, according to a report by Crystal Palace and Bournemouth offer the cheapest water bottles set at £1.50.

In case of soft drinks, fans can get a bottle by paying £2 at Tottenham, whereas, fellow London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal charge £3.30.

The report adds that the Gunners also stand at the most expensive end in terms of serving hot food in the top-flight at £5.70. Norwich offer the cheapest at £3.50.

For a cuppa, Brighton are the only Premier League club that charge less than £2; Leicester, West Ham and Arsenal top the list at £2.60.

Chelsea demand £4.60 for a pie at Stamford Bridge, while Burnley charge the lowest in the section at £3.

In case of beer, Liverpool sells the cheapest pint of beer among all of the Premier League teams at £3.90, whereas Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham charge £5.30, topping the division.

Understandably, the five clubs in the capital of London are more expensive but the others are also not far behind.