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Premier League to Get Back to Three Substitutions Next Season After Clubs Vote Against Five

Premier League substitution (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Premier League substitution (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Premier League clubs voted against the five-substitute rule to continue in the 2020-21 season.

Premier League clubs have voted against continuing with five substitutions next season despite FIFA allowing the next season to go with the rule, which came in place due to the crammed schedule following coronavirus pandemic.

After the restart of the Premier League in June, the clubs were seen making five substitutions but next season onwards, the league will revert to three, BBC reported.

According to the BBC report, many members of the league felt that the five-substitute rule was benefitting the major clubs since they have more players in the reserve.

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FIFA had earlier allowed the five-substitute rule of tournaments and leagues wanted it.

Since the next season of majority of the leagues will return very soon, the jam-packed schedule led FIFA to allowing for the continuation of the rule.

FIFA has allowed the rule till August 2021, which means the European Championship and Copa American next season can adopt it.

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"Some competitions which resumed in 2020 may have a shorter-than-usual recovery/preparation period before the start of their next season.

"For many competitions, the 2020-21 season will involve matches being played in a condensed period due to a delayed start and inability to end later than usual because of major international tournaments," FIFA recently said.

Earlier, Chelsea coach Frank Lampard had said that according to him the Premier League was beginning the next season way too soon for the teams to recover fully.

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Even in the "best-case" scenario, which will mean Chelsea not going ahead in the Champions League, the team will get less than a month to prepare for the next season of English top-flight.