Return From the Death: Ex-Footballer Found Alive 4 Years After Being Reported Dead

Hiannick Kamba (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Hiannick Kamba (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Hiannick Kamba is working as a chemical technician after being reported to have died in a car accident.

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Hiannick Kamba was reported to have died in a car accident in his home country Democratic Republic of the Congo on January 9, 2016. Now, four years after his death, German news portal has claimed that the former player is not only alive but living in the Ruhr area of Germany.

Bild reported that the now 33-year-old man is working as a chemical technician at an energy supplier in Ruhr. This revelation comes after his former wife received a six-figure amount from Kamba’s life insurance in view of the talented right back’s presumed death.

Now, Kamba will serve as the lead witness in a fraud trial against his ex-wife.

Reportedly, the Congolese soccer player had visited the German embassy in Kinshasa to report the false news of him being dead. But he did not have any documents with him to prove his identity.

“Kamba claims he was abandoned by friends overnight in Congo in January 2016 and left without documents, money and a cell phone,” said public prosecutor Anette Milk to Bild.

While Kamba’s ex-wife has claimed to have no knowledge of the insurance before the announcement of his death; it remains unclear how the false documents testifying the footballer’s death were procured.

Kamba was considered a potential super talent in the soccer circuit. He had also played alongside Manuel Neuer in German club FC Schalke 04 youth team. He was also offered a senior contract with Schalke, the report added.