Scoreboard in Brazil Shows 0.8-0 After a Goal is Scored. Here is Why

Scoreboard in Brazil Shows 0.8-0 After a Goal is Scored. Here is Why

A football match between Corinthians and Sao Paulo showed 0.8-0 on the scoreboard instead of 1-0 as a protest against pay gap in Brazil.

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Brazilian women's football set an attendance record on Saturday with more than 28,000 fans at the Arena Corinthians stadium to watch the second leg of the Sao Paulo state championship final.

Corinthians beat local rival Sao Paulo 3-0 in front of 28,862 fans with match tickets had been given out for free during the week. The previous record was in 2017 at Manaus' Arena Amazonia in the semifinals of the Brazilian championship when Iranduba lost 2-1 to Santos in front of 25,371 people.

But that was not all. The game on Saturday grabbed the attention of the world for something rather unique.

Instead of the scoreline reading 1, to denote a goal scored, it showed 0.8. The reason -- to highlight the pay discrimination or wage gap in Brazil.

According to recent research, women in Brazil earn 20 percent less than men for doing the same work. The scoreline was a small way to remind people that.

The scoring pattern continued, as the scoreboard read 1.6-0 for the second goal and 2.4 for the third.

The move was part of an initiative from Paulista Football Federation (FPF) with the UN Women and the advertising agency BETC.

Corinthians won the Sao Paulo state championship final having won the first leg 1-0.

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