Hockey India League 2016: Everything you want to know

The fourth edition of the Hockey India League (HIL) is unique in more than one sense - for it throws a lot of different challenges for players, franchises as well as the organisers.
(Photo Credit: Hockey India)

The fourth edition of the Hockey India League (HIL) is unique in more than one sense - for it throws a lot of different challenges for players, franchises as well as the organisers. (Photo Credit: Hockey India)

The fourth edition of the Hockey India League (HIL) is unique in more than one sense - for it throws a lot of different challenges for players, franchises as well as the organisers.

The fourth edition of the Hockey India League (HIL) is unique in more than one sense - for it throws a lot of different challenges for players, franchises as well as the organisers.

At the end of a three-year contractual period, a fresh auction was held, which saw many players switching bases, including the likes of Sardar Singh moving from Delhi Waveriders to the Punjab Warriors and Moritz Fuerste returning from a one year absence, but not for Ranchi. He will be playing for the Kalinga Lancers as the costliest player of the season.

Bidding war for the German wizard saw any player breaching the $100,000 barrier for the first time in the HIL.

On the competitive front, the league is expected to be fought on a knife's edge as players look to make the most of the best competitive field before the Olympics later in August. Adding to that will be the beefed up cash awards for teams and players, totaling up to a whopping Rs. 5.7 crore for the season.

On the organisation front, the league has a new title sponsor after the Hero Group chose not to renew its contract. Hockey India's search for a replacement ended with Coal India Ltd. (CIL) for the next three editions. CIL will invest in excess of Rs. 14 crore for the 2016 Season.

To raise the interest level in the HIL and hockey in general in India, the tournament committee has introduced an innovative rule, wherein one field goal will count as two. While that has become the talking point ahead of the season, it remains to be seen what degree of success the experiment achieves.

But all of the above is more a gist of what Season 4 encompasses. Zooming in on it provides details that have everything you want to know about the 37-day hockey festivities.

Take a look:

1. Teams: Ranchi Rays, Punjab Warriors, Delhi Waveriders, Uttar Pradesh Wizards, Dabgan Mumbai, Kalinga Lancers

2. Defending Champions: Ranchi Rays

3. Captains: Ashley Jackson (Ranchi Rays), Sardar Singh (Punjab Warriors), Simon Child (Delhi Waveriders), VR Raghunath (UP Wizards), Nikkin Thimmaiah (DabangMumbai), Moritz Fuerste (Kalinga Lancers).

4. Most Costly Player: Moritz Fuerste ($105,000)

5. Most Costly Indian Player: Akashdeep Singh ($84000)

6. Squad Strength: 20 players each (12 Indians, 8 foreigners)

7. Tournament Dates: Jan 18 to Feb 21

8. Tournament Venues: Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Ranchi, Mumbai, Delhi

9. Total No. of Matches: 34

10. Live Broadcast: English (Start Sports 2 and Start Sports HD 2), Hindi (Star Sports 3 and Start Sports HD 3)

11. Timings: One league match at 1800 IST on all playing days during the round-robin stage.

12. Opening Match: Kalinga Lancers vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards, Bhubaneshwar

13. Format: Teams finishing in the top four after round-robin league to play the semi-finals

14. Points System: Win - 5 points; draw - 2 points; loss with goal difference of two or less goals - 1 point; loss with goal difference of three or more goals -0 points

15. Prize Money: Total Rs 5.70 crore (Winners Rs 2.5 crore, Runners-up Rs 1.75 crore, third-place Rs. 75 lakh, Player of the Tournament Rs 50 lakh, Best Under21 Player Rs. 20 lakh, Highest Goal-Scorer Rs 20 lakh, Player of the Match Rs 50,000, Goal of the Match Rs 50,000)

16. New Rule: Every field goal counts as two goals. To be precise, for every field goal and goal off a penalty stroke resulting from a penalty corner where agoal being scored is prevented by a deliberate foul, it will be counted as 2 goals

17. Indian senior team's coach Roelant Oltmans not coaching UP Wizards to avoid conflict of interest

18. Complete Squads


Sl. No.Player NameCountryPositionAuction PriceLot No.Player No.Notes
1Harmanpreet SinghIndiaDefender51,000NANARetained
2S H Nilakanta SharmaIndiaMidfielder2,600559
3Krishan B PathakIndiaGoalkeeper2,600814
4Danish MujtabaIndiaMidfielder54,0001648
5Roshan MinzIndiaForward6,00020121
6Affan YousufIndiaForward53,0002286
7Chandanda Aiyanna Nikkin ThimmaiahIndiaForward67,0002383
8Vikas SharmaIndiaMidfielder43,0002650
9Gurmail SinghIndiaDefender81,0002618
10Tyron PereiraIndiaMidfielder6,0002771
12Gurjant SinghIndiaForward2,6001692
13Jeremy HaywardAustraliaDefender46,000NANARetained
14David HarteIrelandGoalkeeper65,000NANARetained
15Kieran GoversAustraliaMidfielder/ Forward36,0001248
16Florian FuchsGermanyForward96,0002264
17Johan BjörkmanSwedenForward10,0005270
18Matthew SwannAustraliaDefender/Midfielder75,0005209
19Xavi TrenchsSpainGoalkeeper10,0006146
20Shea McAleeseNew ZealandDefender10,00016174


Sl. No.Player NameCountryPositionAuction PriceLot No.Player No.Notes
1Talwinder SinghIndiaForward25,000NANARetained
2Yuvraj WalmikiIndiaForward40,000NANARetained
3Surender KumarIndiaDefender22,000NANARetained
4Parvinder SinghIndiaForward29,0004107
5Rupinder Pal SinghIndiaDefender68,000517
6Harjot SinghIndiaGoalkeeper20,00071
7Mandeep SinghIndiaForward70,0001084
8Prabhdeep SinghIndiaForward7,5001694
9Vickram KanthIndiaDefender52,0002132
10Santa SinghIndiaMidfielder21,0002462
11Amit GowdaIndiaDefender10,0002636
12Harjeet SinghIndiaMidfielder6,0002765
13Simon ChildAustraliaForward50,000NANARetained
14Tristan WhiteAustraliaDefender/Midfielder40,000NANARetained
15Steven EdwardsNew ZealandMidfielder34,000NANARetained
16Devon ManchesterNew ZealandGoalkeeper27,0006143
17Austin SmithSouth AfricaDefender/Midfielder59,00012210
18Banjamin StanzlAustriaMidfielder/ Forward35,00015243
19Iain LewersEnglandDefender18,00019161
20Justin Reid-RossSouth AfricaDefender25,0004171


Sl. No.Player NameCountryPositionAuction PriceLot No.Player No.Notes
1SV SunilIndiaForward50,000NANARetained
2Satbir SinghIndiaForward45,000NANARetained
3Varun KumarIndiaDefender10,000NANARetained
4Sardar SinghIndiaMidfielder58,000247
5Jugraj SinghIndiaGoalkeeper4,50089
6Jasjit Singh KhularIndiaForward65,0001795
7Armaan QureshiIndiaForward4,50022105
8Gurwinder Singh ChandiIndiaForward75,00025117
9Nithin ThimmaiahIndiaForward14,000396
10Baljeet Singh BoparaiIndiaMidfielder6,000456
11Harbir Singh SandhuIndiaDefender6,000531
12Aiyappa Mukkatira BiddappaIndiaMidfielder7,0002352
13Chris CirielloAustraliaDefender42,500NANARetained
14Mark KnowlesAustraliaDefender65,000NANARetained
15Jacob WhettonAustraliaForward40,000NANARetained
16Nicolas JacobiGermanyGoalkeeper27,0009142
17Simon OrchardAustraliaMidfielder58,00017216
18Matt GohdesAustraliaMidfielder/Forward71,00017227
19Nick HaigNew ZealandDefender/Midfielder10,00024187
20Mark GleghorneEnglandMidfielder20,00013240


Sl. No.Player NameCountryPositionAuction PriceLot No.Player No.Notes
1Devindar WalmikiIndiaForward30,000NANARetained
2Lalit UpadhyayIndiaForward35,000NANARetained
3Gurjinder SinghIndiaDefender50,000NANARetained
4Anand LakraIndiaDefender8,000323
5Dharamvir SinghIndiaMidfielder60,000446
6Amit RohidasIndiaDefender31,000521
7Abhinav Kumar PandeyIndiaGoalkeeper2,60095
8Stanli Victor MinzIndiaForward8,50010126
9Malak SinghIndiaForward24,0001291
10Dipsan TirkeyIndiaDefender31,0001424
11Pardeep MorIndiaDefender37,0001420
12S.K UthappaIndiaMidfielder54,0001545
13Aran ZalewskiAustraliaDefender/Midfielder50,000NANARetained
14Andrew CharterAustraliaGoalkeeper40,000NANARetained
15Moritz FuersteGermanyMidfielder1,05,0002223
16Matthew WillisAustraliaDefender/ Midfielder15,00011194
17Glenn TurnerAustraliaForward30,00013262
18Matthew DawsonAustraliaDefender/Midfielder21,00021184
19Adam DixonEnglandMidfielder/ Forward15,00028230
20Quirijn CaspersNetherlandsMidfielder / Forward15,00010252


Sl. No.Player NameCountryPositionAuction PriceLot No.Player No.Notes
1Manpreet SinghIndiaMidfielder66,000NANARetained
2Birendra LakraIndiaDefender55,000NANARetained
3Kothajit SinghIndiaDefender45,000NANARetained
4Vikramjit SinghIndiaMidfielder4,500153
5Akash ChikteIndiaGoalkeeper4,50073
6Imran KhanIndiaMidfielder7,0001257
7Simranjeet SinghIndiaMidfielder8,0001463
8Sumit KumarIndiaForward15,00015100
10Sandeep SinghIndiaDefender81,0001841
11Sarvanjit SinghIndiaForward6,00028124
12Mohd Amir KhanIndiaForward10,5001993
13Ashley JacksonEnglandMidfielder95,000NANARetained
14Barry MiddletonEnglandMidfielder/Forward67,000NANARetained
15Fergus KavanaghAustraliaDefender60,000NANARetained
16Flynn OgilvieAustraliaMidfielder/Forward10,0002239
17Tyler LovellAustraliaGoalkeeper30,0007138
18Daniel BealeAustraliaMidfielder/Forward26,00013232
19Timothy DeavinAustraliaDefender/Midfielder29,00021206
20Trent MittonAustraliaGoalkeeper20,00020249


Sl. No.Player NameCountryPositionAuction PriceLot No.Player No.Notes
1VR RaghunathIndiaDefender53,000NANARetained
2PR SreejeshIndiaGoalkeeper60,000NANARetained
3Ramandeep SinghIndiaForward57,000NANARetained
4Suraj KarkeraIndiaGoalkeeper5,50068
5Akashdeep SinghIndiaForward84,0001285
6Chinglensana Singh KangujamIndiaMidfielder62,0002049
7P R AiyapaIndiaForward2,6002087
8Gurinder SinghIndiaDefender48,0002225
9Jaskaran SinghIndiaForward2,6002389
10M GunasekarIndiaForward2,60025127
11Sunil YadavIndiaDefender2,6002719
12Vikas Vishnu PillayIndiaMidfielder6,0001067
13Wouter JolieNetherlandsDefender48,000NANARetained
14Edward OckendenAustraliaMidfielder66,000NANARetained
15Tobias HaukeGermanyDefender/ Midfielder96,0005196
16Jamie DwyerAustraliaForward57,00011260
17Kenny BainScotlandForward17,00015274
18Agustin MazilliArgentinaMidfielder/Forward25,00016231
19Gonzalo PeillatArgentinaDefender25,00010157
20Nicholas SpoonerSouth AfricaDefender/Midfielder5,00014213

19. Fixtures