Part I
Inspired By Water
24 May, 2018 By Simantini Dey Inspired By Water, Performance Artist Atul Bhalla is Making People Notice Environmental Issues

The oeuvres of Atul Bhalla, a Delhi based conceptual and performance artist, are inquisitions of our relationship with water -- the spaces it occupies, the history it carries in its depths and especially, how it affects human lives and how humans affect water bodies around them.

What makes Bhalla's work unique is that the artist through his visual representations, as well as performance photography has managed to inspire public to make inquiries about climate change. And, know that it is no mean feat, especially at a time when world leaders dismiss climate change as a hoax, despite repeated warnings from the academic and scientific communities of the impending dangers of the phenomenon. However, Bhalla claimed, that he is no environmental activist. The term he used to describe himself is an 'environmental artist.'

Part II
Of Murals & Paintings
25 May, 2018 By Simantini Dey Delhi-Based Artist, Manav Gupta, Weaves Poetry With Art on Environment

Manav Gupta, a Delhi-based artist, has been using different art forms -- installations, poems, paintings, murals as well as PSA videos -- to talk about environmental issues for more than two decades now.

The artist's claim to fame may have been a five floor high mega mural that has set a world record, but, what makes Gupta's work unique is his capacity to amalgamate poetry, art, music and several other forms to deliver a profound soul-stirring message on climate change issues.

#ClimateChangeArt Part III
Part III
Folk & Jazz
25 May, 2018 By Simantini Dey This Band from Meghalaya Reconnects with Nature

The music created by Meghalaya-based experimental band 'Rida and The Musical Folks' often has the rawness and earthy quality of folk songs along with a hint of jazz, or contemporary western tunes.

Through their music, the band has not only started a revivalist movement to bring back the traditional tunes of Meghalaya into public consciousness but also are making a strong statement about environmental issues.

Part IV
The Sand Artist
28 May, 2018 By Simantini Dey How the Beach Became Odisha-Based Sand Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik’s Canvas

Sand art is still a very new concept in India. However, that has not stopped Sudarsan Pattnaik, an Odisha based sand artist, from winning a Padma Shri, for his stellar work on the canvas of sand.

Apart from the fact that Pattanaik is one of the first artists in India to make gigantic detailed sculptures from sand, his popularity can also be attributed to the fact that he chooses very topical issues to represent through this art. However, one of the most reoccurring themes used by him happens to be climate change.

Part V
Turning Trash Into Art
29 May, 2017 By Simantini Dey Artist Asim Waqif Makes Rich People Decorate Their Living Rooms with Trash

Asim Waqif isn't your regular artist; he doesn't have a hubris about his works, neither does he like to intellectualize about them. But, each of his work is a product of a creative and original idea, designed intricately and meticulously.

His works often have the profound simplicity that can easily engage a layman who knows nothing about art, as well as pique the interest of an art connoisseur. The material he often uses for his work, however, happens to be trash. Literally.

Part VI
An Unlikely Hero
30 May, 2018 By Simantini Dey How a Comic Superhero in Chennai-Based Artist’s Book is Fighting Climate Change

Sathvigha Sridhar -- a 21-year-old art student from Chennai -- recently wrote a comic book titled, TRÉ, The Aventures of Brother Earth, for which she won UNICEF'S first ever Climate Comic Contest.

Sridhar, who prefers to go by the name Sona, said that it is great to approach the issue of climate change through comics and street art. "It reaches children and people on a wider range." said the artist.

Part VII
Poetry For Art
31 May, 2018 By Simantini Dey Miyah Poets Pen Verses on Assamese Muslims Who are Victims of Environmental Displacement

Through his poems, he draws attention to the deplorable plight of these marginalized, poor Muslims who live on chorchapori (river islands) of the Brahmaputra and its tributaries, and the discrimination they face for being Muslim when they are forced to migrate from these river islands, because of the erosion.

Ahmed, who is also a teacher at a secondary school in Assam, calls himself a Miyah poet.

Choreographing Dystopia
3 June, 2018 By Simantini Dey How Chhau Dancers of Purulia are Creating Environmental Awareness

At a time when all rhetoric on climate change is failing, a great way to put this issue on centrestage is through dance. Surprising as it may sound, but this is exactly what a dance troupe, Sapphire Creations, is doing with their most popular production — Ekonama, The Beginning at the End.

What is also unique about this production is that it is an eclectic blend of Chhau dance from Purulia with contemporary moves performed by the students of the dance company.

Part IX
Making Climate Warriors
4 June, 2018 By Simantini Dey Bijal Vachchrajani's Books are Preparing Kids to Not Be Fence-Sitters on Environment

Bijal Vachharajani's first book, So You Want To Know About The Environment begins with a note for the readers that say:

"Before you start reading this book, grab a pen or sharpen a pencil. You have to don your Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat and exercise your little grey cells to make deductions as you read. You will need to investigate clues and scribble notes all over this book. And by writing in the margins, we end up saving paper and conserving trees, which makes us devious geniuses destined to save the world. *Insert maniacal laughter*”

Documenting Change
1 June, 2018 By News18 Shocking Photographs from Ganga Island and Jharkhand Mine

As a part of the ClimateChangeArt series by CNN-News18, here is a profile of photographer Arka Dutta, who wants to spread awareness on environmental issues like global warming, water scarcity, floods and other natural disasters that people are facing due to climate change.

Dutta is an award-winning photojournalist, whose work has been selected in London Photo Festival, and has featured in National Geographic, New York Times and Washington Post. His series on Mousuni floods, as well as his photographs of Jharia, Dhanbad, show alarming consequences of global warming and man's encroachment in natural space.

Combating Pollution
31 Aug, 2017 By News18 Daan Roosegaarde - The Innovator who will turn Delhi's Pollution into Diamond Rings
Daan Roosegaarde is a Dutch artist, innovator and inventor of the smog tower, a machine that converts atmospheric pollution to diamond rings.

He was in Delhi earlier this August, to educate people in India about his invention, likely to be operational in Delhi in 2018 and about the importance of taking a pro-active stance to combat climate change. News18 reports.

Reviving An Island
31 May, 2018 By News18 Thai Island Featured in Decaprio Movie Face Environmental Degradation
Thai government has kept Maya bay Island close for four months, to help it to revive. The island became popular after Hollywood film "the Beach" featuring Leonardo was shot on the island. Around 4000 tourist visit the island which pose threat coral reefs and sea life. Maya beach will remain closed from mid-May to mid-October during the monsoon season.

This will be the first ever break for the island since 1999.

(#ClimateChangeArt is our series to discover how art, music, and literature have the potential of changing opinions and beliefs about climate change.)