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How Sexist Is Your Neta?

By: Nikita Vashisth & Pooja Dantewadia | Illustrations: Mir Suhail

Research: News18 Buzz | Produced: Sheikh Saaliq

From January to May, 2019

Every election, misogyny is on full display. The sexist remarks against women, and comments on female politicians' looks and their clothes become even more popular during poll campaigns. This blatant sexism often is irrespective of party ideology, and unites most of our netas. Although the Election Commission of India sets a model code of conduct before the polls, sexist netas get away with such comments since this misogyny doesn't feature in EC set of rules.

News18 Election Lab tracks the sexist comments of politicians during their election campaign. For this tracker, we will be manually listing politicians who are in news for their sexism since January 2019.








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