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Apocalypse again on 11.11.11: Doom theorists

Apocalypse again on 11.11.11: Doom theorists

Campaign-heads and people around the world are planning to take advantage of the date with shows.

New Delhi: Doomsday theorists have prophesised that Apocalypse would come on November 11, 2011 but expecting mothers who consider the day auspicious have inundated hospitals with requests for Caesarean section deliveries on 11.11.11, a date that will come once in a 100 years.

While some consider the date 11.11.11, a palindrome, lucky, there is not much support on the ground for Apocalypse theorists who have been proved wrong in the past. US evangelical Christian broadcaster Harold Camping propagating his Doomsday theory until the evening of May 21, 2011 was dismayed when things didn’t go according to his prediction and the world did not end at 6 pm sharp.

But activists, campaign-heads and people around the world are planning to take advantage of the date with shows, social awareness programmes and reunions.

Over 35 students of the 1993 batch of mechanical engineering course of the Punjab Engineering College (PEC) plan to get together on November 11 from all over the world. They will be meeting in Chandigarh's Sector 11 near house number 11. The time of the reunion will be 11.11 am. The entire sequence of their reunion will read - PEC is the alma mater of late NASA astronaut Kalpana Chawla.

Expecting mothers in South Korea have inundated hospitals with requests for a Caesarean section delivery on November 11 to secure the unique life-long identity number of "111111" for their children.

The Korean Resident Registration Number, an identification number for all residents in Korea, is composed of 13 numbers with the first six numbers corresponding to the date of birth. Expecting mothers who are due even a week after the date have scheduled to give birth on November 11

November 11 is known as Pepero Day, or Sweetest Day, in South Korea and is similar to Valentine's Day. It was named after the Korean snack Pepero, because the date 11/11 resembles five sticks of Pepero.

Filmmakers Tarsem Singh and Imtiaz Ali are releasing their films 'Immortals' and 'Rockstar' on November 11. The last time a date that created this kind of excitement in tinsel town was October 26, Diwali, that filmmakers considered auspicious for releasing big films.

In the United States, November 11 is celebrated each year as Veterans Day, an annual holiday to honour military veterans. It is also celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world and falls to mark the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I.

Also being released on November 11 is the short film Project 11. Eleven directors across 11 international locations have collaborated to make the short film Project 11 on a shoe-string budget of Rs 9 lakh on a subject that blurs the line between the real and the virtual world.

The film is entirely self-funded by the makers, according to an official release. The film has been produced by Ranjan Singh and Vikas Chandra. In this unique initiative by two film enthusiasts, Project 11 is probably the first of its kind in the short film genre which bridges a vast geographical divide.

The film was made with an idea to raise funds for their feature film on the same lines. Project 11 is a high concept thriller and has been shot in 11 different cities in the world. This experimental film has 11 eminent directors collaborating from world over.

The Science Daily said University of Kansas anthropologist and Maya scholar John Hoopes and his students are watching predicted doomsday dates such as 11/11/11 and December 21, 2012, with considerable scepticism.

According to the portal, many in the New Age movement plan celebrations to receive emerging energies on 11/11/11 in preparation for a transformation of consciousness on December 21, 2012. Whether these dates mark a time for transformation of consciousness or a catastrophic end, they are part of a 2012 eschatological myth that originated with Christopher Columbus and Franciscan missionaries, not the ancient Maya calendar, Hoopes told the Science Daily.

first published:November 11, 2011, 00:02 IST