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15 unbelievably corny lines from 'Zila Ghaziabad'

15 unbelievably corny lines from 'Zila Ghaziabad'

Director Anand Kumar probably meant these dialogue to tickle your funny bone, but they turn out to be god-awful.

New Delhi: Zila Ghaziabad, starring Sanjay Dutt, Vivek Oberoi and Arshad Warsi is for 'aam junta'. Set in the backdrop of the yesteryear Ghaziabad when gang wars would dominate the city, the pot-boiler has a reasonably strong plot that does not bewilder you, and in fact, keeps you engaged.

Warsi and Oberoi, who are seen in lead roles, have done justice to their roles. Dutt, on the other hand, who plays a cop in the movie, seems to be copying Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn, who have done a similar role in the 'Dabangg' franchise and 'Singham', respectively.

Director Anand Kumar has included some dialogues to tickle your funny bones, but they turn out to be god-awful. Poor jokes are liked by people when spoken in comic scenes, but the movie has some hellish PJs during serious conversations that are likely to make you wince.

We've spotted 15, feel free to add to the list:

1. "Gaaon ka sabse pada likha aur SEXFUL (though he wanted to say successful) aadmi hai", says Paresh Rawal when he introduces Vivek Oberoi (Satbir) to a policeman. (He is the most literate and successful person of the district.)

2. "Naa goliyon se kaam hua hai, na gaaliyon se, app angrezi mein hi jhaad dijeyega, sharm se hi mar jaaenge," Paresh Rawal advises Vivek Oberoi during a discussion concerning a disputed land. (Neither foul langauge, nor bullets helped us in getting the work done, you rebuke them in English, they will feel abashed.)

3. "Khade insaan ko maarna aisa hai, jaise mele mein gubbaare fodna," speaks Sanjay Dutt (Thakur Pritam Singh). (To kill a man standing still is like hitting balloons on a target board with a gun.)

4. "Agar pyaar se nahi aaya na toh saale ke pichwade mein itni goliyaan maarunga ke uske bache peetal ke paida honge," says Arshad Warsi (Fauji) to Chandrachur Singh (Satbir's brother) while gravelling him. (If he does not come quietly, I will shoot in his a** unremittingly that he will father children of brass)

5. "Kabhi chhal se, toh kabhi bal se kitno ki lanka dahayi hai, par is shahar ki hawa mein kuch alag hi garmi hai, isliye yahan akal ladane ki baari aayi hai," Sanjay Dutt while cogitates and mulling over the plan to deal with gangsters. (Have spifflicated many - sometime deceitfully and sometime with power - but now is the time to put the criminals down, slyly.)

6. "Kutta kitna bhi khatarnaak ho jaae, par sher ki nai le pata," utters Sanjay Dutt. (No matter how dangerous a dog becomes, but he can never slaughter a lion.)

7. "Baap dada shikaari, 'Pritam' un pe bhi bhaari, abhi kahan aayi inki baari," say police constables while making laudatory remarks for Sanjay Dutt. (Even ancestors can't outdo Pritam, and thus Pritam will triumph over gangsters.)

8. "Hum kaun se Salman Khan hai jo commitment karke peeche nai hat sakte," speaks a character, who plays the role of Sangam in the movie. (I am not Salman Khan, and hence, I can renege.)

9. "Yaad toh hum Madhuri Dixit ko bhi karte hai, wo kaun sa milti hai," expresses Sanjay Dutt, who is believed to have dated Madhuri Dixit in the past. (We dream of Madhuri Dixit, but she is not ours.)

10. "Sir apne chikne heroes toh chalte nahi, islie sab Sanjay Dutt bane fir rahe hain," says a police constable. (A police constable takes a dig at present-day heros and says all of them (goons in the scene) are aping Sanjay Dutt.)

11. Crook: "Sir pitaji income tax mein hai"; Sanjay Dutt: "par hum toh rishwat lete hi nahi."

12. Vivek Oberoi's Accomplice: "Ye sab netagiri muje nai aati"; Vivek Oberoi: "haath jodna aata hai? (and then grins)."

13. "Yahi toh Zila ghaziabad hai sahab, yahan koi halka nai moot ta hai." (Zila Ghaziabad is where no one pees lightly.)

14. "Aaj agar maut khud mere aur 'Fauji' ke beeche mein khadi ho jaae toh main maut ko bhi maar dunga." (I will kill even death if it comes between me and 'Fauji'.)

15. "Jo na kar paaye bandok ki goli, wo kar jaaye bus ek mithi boli." teaches Vivek Oberoi to pupils. (There are things which can't be done forcefully, but you can get them done with sweet talk)

first published:February 22, 2013, 11:24 IST