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9 Age-Old Tips to Help You Nail that Job Interview Tomorrow!

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Representative image.

A little research on the company where you're going for the interview is a must.

In the busy life, packed schedules and even packed roads, nobody wants to go through the hassles of going for job interviews again and again rather once you are shortlisted on the basis of your resume you just want to get selected and start working at the new place of work.

Here are 9 Simple, Age-Old yet Effective Tips that could help you make the best of the opportunity you’re given during an interview :–

1. Rehearse
There are certain questions that are common and mostly asked in all job interviews like introducing yourself, your hobbies and interests and also the reason you should be hired. Prepare these questions in advance and also rehearse as to how to put these forward in an interesting way.

2. Do a Little Research
A little research on the company where you're going for the interview is a must. It won't consume much of your time however it'll help you a great deal with the job interview. Have a look at the company's website, it may have information like the company’s profile, history, any recent news, its goals and objectives and a little data, this will not only help you to answer any questions asked about the company but you can also pick points from the goals and objectives of the company to incorporate in your answer for the question “why should we hire YOU?”

3. Be Punctual
This is something that you can control at your end thus always be on time for the interview rather reach the location 10 minutes prior to the call time. You can’t go wrong with this!

4. Be Well Dressed
First impression is the last impression. Thus be well-dressed for the interview, wear ironed and clean clothes, do not wear casuals for the interview dress up in formals only, and your shoes must be clean and hair well set.

5. Confidence is the Key
No matter how nervous you are don't reflect it through your body language or your face. Rather don't think about it at all because the more you think about controlling your nervousness, the more you go wrong with it. Companies prefer to hire those people who exude confidence over those who are shaking or sweating due to nervousness during the interview.

6. Honesty is the Best Policy
Be honest with your answers, do not serve lies just to impress the interviewer. You can't know everything, instead of lying or panicking simply say that "Sorry, I don't know the answer to that". Giving wrong answers or your lies being found out later give a very wrong impression of you.

7. Update your Resume
Always keep your resume up to date and list all the skills that you possess in it. Your resume is the primary factor that firms consider while employing a person. However, do not copy or fake it.

8. Be Amicable and Interactive
Interview should be an interaction not a one-sided question answer round. Instead of being straight up and shooting your questions, be amicable and ask your employer about the company, your job profile, etc. Also be amicable with other candidates as well as during the interview, all the aspects of your personality are analysed and considered by the employers

9. Feedback
Once you’re done with the interview, ask the interviewers for a feedback as to how the interview went and what are the chances of you being hired? This shows the openness of the candidate towards constructive criticism.
first published:August 18, 2017, 21:39 IST