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A prayer meet for Nithari victims

A prayer meet for Nithari victims

The Noida RWA has come all out to seek justice for the innocent victims of the Nithari serial killing case.

New Delhi: The Noida Resident Welfare Association has come all out in support of the innocent victims of the Nithari serial killing case.

On Monday, the RWA organised a prayer meeting outside the residence of the main accused Moninder Singh Pandher.

The association also threatened to start an agitation from February 16 if their demand for converting the site of the grisly murders into a memorial was not met.

"We want D-5 bungalow to be converted into a memorial, failing which we would start on agitation from this Shivratri," said Munna Kumar Sharma Secretary Federation of Noida Resident's Welfare Association.

Social activist Shanta Sinha, who visited the village, said there was a need to set up a data bank on missing children in every district headquarter.

"This not a letalone incident, it has to be examined on a larger basis. The government needs to first set up a database of missing children in every district," PTI quoted Magsasay award winner Sinha as saying.

It wasn't just the RWA that offered its support in the case. A group of lawyers from the Supreme Court, who visited the site on Sunday, promised all help to the victims in their litigations.

"We are here to see how we can help to reach the root cause of the incident. We would be available for any help to the victims," PTI quoted Ashok Agarwal, a Supreme Court lawyer, as saying.

first published:January 07, 2007, 19:33 IST