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A Round-up of the Coronavirus Situation from Five Southern States of India

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Tamil Nadu is the worst affected among southern states of India, and is the third-most affected state due to coronavirus, after Maharashtra and Delhi.

The coronavirus pandemic has now killed over 1.1 lakh people and infected more than 1.9 million across the globe. In India too, the number of infections today crossed the ten thousand-mark.

Here Are The Updates on the Coronavirus Situation from Five Southern States of India:

Here's What's Happening in Tamil Nadu

Total cases: 1,173

April 13 cases: 98

Discharged: 58

Deaths: 11

Active: 1,104

Total tests conducted: 12,746

Tamil Nadu is the worst affected among southern states of India, and is the third-most affected state due to coronavirus, after Maharashtra and Delhi.

State's Position on Lockdown (Before Centre Extended Lockdown)

The Tamil Nadu government had initially said they would wait for the centre's directives on extending the lockdown. It led to criticism from political parties DMK and Kamal Hassan's Makkal Needhi Maiam. The government on Monday (April 13) announced that lockdown will be extended till April 30.

NGOs -- Allowed Or Not?

The Tamil Nadu government on Sunday had announced restrictions on volunteers and NGOs distributing relief materials to people affected by coronavirus in the state, asking them to reroute materials through government channels.

It led to opposition from political parties and NGOs, with DMK chief MK Stalin even moving the Madras High Court against the order.

The government clarified on Monday that their earlier order had been misunderstood, stressing there was no ban on distribution of relief materials.

“The government only requested (all) to follow the necessary guidelines according to the circumstances. It has not banned anyone. The government only advised distribution of relief materials from individuals and non-government organisations in coordination with the district administrations so that they will reach the needy safely,” the government said in a statement.

Testing Status

Tamil Nadu has tested 12,746 samples till Monday. In comparison, Maharashtra has tested around 40,000 samples.

The state supposed to get rapid testing kits from China last week, but there has been a delay as the consignment meant for the state was rerouted to USA.

The TN government has said rapid test kits are only 'indicators' and stressed they have enough RNA testing kits and facilities. The rapid testing kits from China are scheduled to arrive this week.

Notable Quotes:

"Neighbouring states in south are seeking help of NGO’s, youth & retired doctors. Unfortunate, my TN Government has passed an order impeding help from the willing and earnest. Oh! Respected? Ministers. No time for commision or omission. Let trained civil service personnel do their job. Stay safe. No time for brownie points (sic)," said MNM party head Kamal Hassan.

Here is The Latest News from Karnataka

Total cases: 247

April 13 cases: 15

Discharged: 60

Deaths: 8

Active: 179

Total tests: 10,017

State's Position on Lockdown (Before Centre's May 3 Extension):

Karnataka was among those states which had already extended the coronavirus lockdown till April 3.

Flattening the Curve

"From being the state with the second highest number of cases a month ago, Karnataka now stands 11th," said medical education minister K Sudhakar on Sunday.

Karnataka had 181 cases on April 8, and has added 66 over the next five days. In the 13 days of April, they have added 249 cases -- which signify a massive curb compared to the beginning.

Swimming Pool Fun and Birthday Bash Puts BJP MLAs in Trouble

Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar had tweeted a picture of him enjoying in a swimming pool with his children with caption: After a long time joined my children for swimming hope maintaining social distance here also (sic)..haha.”

Turuvekere MLA Masala Jayaram had held a birthday bash with plenty of people, violating lockdown rules.

While Congress party has slammed Sudhakar for the swimming pool tweet -- as swimming pools around the country are banned -- supporters of Jayaram were booked by police for the birthday bash.

Interestingly, Jayaram himself was not named in the FIR. BJP State President Nalin Kumar Kateel has asked Jayaram for an explanation.

Important Quotes:

"The possible situation once the lockdown is released, was widely discussed in the meeting. Discussion was also held about the financial situation of the state government and how to mobilise resources. Many suggestions were given and it was decided to implement those suggestions. The Covid-19 situation has thrown our state into deep financial trouble and there is a need to to find ways to overcome present financial crisis," said Chief Minister Yediyurappa.

Here Are the Latest Updates from Kerala:

Total cases: 378

April 13 cases: 3

Discharged: 198

Deaths: 2

Active: 178

Total tests: 15,683

State's Position on Lockdown (Before Centre Extended it)

Kerala had been awaiting the Centre's decision on the coronavirus lockdown, amid speculations that it would be extended.

Cases Reducing, Recoveries Increasing

In encouraging developments from the state that has been seen as a leader of the fight against Covid-19, only five positive cases were registered in the last two days while 55 people recovered. Overall, they became the first state to have more recoveries than active cases.

As of March 30, Kerala had 234 cases. Currently, they have added 144 more now, with 178 active.

Signs of complacency?

Many markets in Kerala saw sizeable crowds ahead of Vishu festival (April 14). Meat shops were also crowded ahead of Easter Sunday, in signs that people were becoming complacent.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan reminded them that they should not relax. "The number of recovered patients is increasing and the number of newly-infected patients is decreasing, that does not mean that we can relax and flout the precautionary measures that are being taken," he said on Monday.

Important Quotes

"We cannot afford to reduce our vigilance. Our big concern now is the status of expat community. We have repeatedly highlighted their plight to the Centre. Today too, we have sent a letter to the PM. Wrote a detailed letter on the plight of expats, those who went on short term visa, visiting visa, and those who have trouble there. Following international travel protocol, they should be brought back. State will take care of their quarantine and testing," said Vijayan.

Here is the Latest News from Andhra Pradesh:

Total cases: 439

April 13 cases: 19

Discharged: 12

Deaths: 7

Active: 420

Total tests: 8,755

State's Position on Lockdown (Before Extension):

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy wanted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend the lockdown, but only in identified hotspots so that the economy was not further affected.

Spike in cases after the Tablighi Jamaat conference

Andhra Pradesh had a total of 40 cases as of March 31, and have added 399 over the next 13 days. A majority of them, like in neighbouring Tamil Nadu, are connected to the Delhi conference.

The state's testing remains inadequate, despite Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ) manufacturing ICMR-approved test kits. Andhra has tested only 8755 samples, among the lowest in southern India. AMTZ had begun manufacturing test kits last week.

Free masks across the state

Andhra government decided to distribute free masks to the entire State. Each person would get 3 masks; the government estimates that about 16 crore masks would be given to the 5.3 crore population. Andhra has also banned spitting in public places.

Important Quotes:

"In my opinion, lockdown should be limited to the red zones, while the restrictions can be continued at places of public gathering, malls, cinema halls, places of worship, public transport and schools. We should also continue with physical distancing measures at all other places," said Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Here Are the Latest Updates from Telangana:

Total cases: 592

April 13 cases: 61

Discharged: 103

Deaths: 17

Active: 472

Total tests: Not known yet.

State's position on lockdown (Before Centre's extension):

Telangana was among those states which had extended the coronavirus lockdown till April 30.

BJP slams the government for not releasing testing numbers

"BJP believes the state government is not testing enough in the state and is trying to be evasive on the same. BJP demands the release of test numbers in the daily health bulletin being released by the state government," said K Krishna Saagar Rao, chief spokesperson of BJP Telangana.

"World Health Organization (WHO) and ICMR has issued strong advisory to test extensively, contact trace and islolate to ensure arrest of tramisslsion of coronavirus in the community. It is evident that the state government is paying no heed to this very important task and ehaving wishful and irresponsible," he added.

Hyderabad a 'high focus area'

As many as 267 of the state's 592 cases come under Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Limits.

"A special strategy is being adopted to contain spread of infection in GHMC areas. In line with 30 GHMC circles, Senior officers (Doctors) are being identified and vested with the powers of DMHO so as to ensure prompt and immediate action," the government said in a statement.

The government also stressed that there is no evidence of community transmission in the state.