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A Round-up of the Coronavirus Situation in Five Southern States of India

Image for representation. (PTI)

Image for representation. (PTI)

State governments are trying their best to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The coronavirus pandemic has infected over 1.4 million people across the globe and caused over 88,000 casualties. In India, the number of active cases, according to the Health Ministry's website, stand at 5,095 with 166 deaths, 472 recoveries and one migrated case.

State governments are trying their best to contain the spread of Covid-19. Here is a round-up of the coronavirus situation in five southern states of India as of Thursday, April 9, morning.

Here are the Updates from Tamil Nadu

Total cases: 738

April 8 cases: 48

Discharged: 21

Deaths: 8

Active: 709

The state is experiencing a rise in cases due to the Tablighi Jamaat conference

Tamil Nadu is the worst affected state due to the the Tablighi Jamaat conference that took place in Delhi last month. Of the 738 cases in the state, 679 are linked to the conference. As many as 553 had travelled as a group to the event and 105 are their contacts.

Low testing remains a concern

Tamil Nadu is only second to Maharashtra in overall infected persons, but the testing is inadequate. As of Wednesday, the state had screened 2,10,538 passengers but tested only 6,095, with 344 samples under progress. In comparison, Kerala, with overall 345 positive cases, have tested 11,986 samples.

The tests should increase soon though, as Tamil Nadu has reportedly placed orders for one lakh Rapid test kits, which are expected to arrive by Thursday.

A potentially costly clerical error

Four people who later turned about to be infected by the novel coronavirus disease were mistakenly discharged from a quarantine centre in Villupuram on Tuesday night. Three of them were traced and admitted to the Villupuram Government Medical College Hospital, while police are searching for the other, who hails from Delhi.

The error apparently happened as the centre discharged the person after his preliminary sample tested negative. However, his second sample turned out to be positive.

Some quotes to remember amid a pandemic

"Nobody wishes this virus upon themselves, so please do not stigmatise people who have tested positive. Let's be a little kind. The focus should be on treatment and cure," said Tamil Nadu Health Secretary Beela Rajesh.

The Tablighi Jamaat has come under the scanner and criticism, leading to stigma towards Muslims in the society.

The Tamil Nadu government has worked proactively to keep that in control. While Beela Rajesh openly called for the need to 'be kind', the state's daily bulletin also reflects the same approach. They have replaced the "Delhi conference" with "Single source event" in the daily addresses.

Here's what's happening in Karnataka

Total cases: 181

April 8 cases: 6

Discharged: 28

Deaths: 6

Active: 147

Arresting the slide?

While Tamil Nadu is struggling to contain the spread of the virus, Karnataka has done relatively better, especially in the last week. They had 98 cases as of March 31, and added 83 in 8 days in April.

Samples tested

Karnataka too has not tested as extensively as Kerala, but has done slightly better than Tamil Nadu. As of Wednesday, they had tested 6,967 people, with 25,971 being under observation.

Chief Minister wants to lift lockdown in virus-free districts

While the nation's attention shifts towards the possible extension of lockdown, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has said he prefers lifting the restrictions in 12 districts in the state which have not been affected by COVID-19. Of the 30 districts in the state, as many as 63 cases are from Bangalore alone. Karnataka has also set-up a task force to plan the lifting of lockdown.

Some statements amid a pandemic

"If the Prime Minister suggests to states to take decisions (on lockdown) based on the situation in their respective states, my position is to take a call in districts free from COVID-19. This is to allow people to go about their business and move about within the district and not from one district to another, after April 14, after taking the approval of the Prime Minister," said Yediyurappa.

Here's the situation in Kerala

Total cases: 345

April 8 cases: 9

Discharged: 84

Deaths: 2

Active: 259

Leading the way

Kerala has been leading the way in the fight against coronavirus in many ways. From testing more to taking a slew of social measures, they have shown the path for other states.

As of March 30, Kerala had 234 cases. They've added 111 in the next nine days. Notably, they've been testing far more than their neighbours. As of Wednesday, they had tested 11,986 samples. Over 1.4 lakh people are under observation in the state.

Help desks for non-resident Keralites

Kerala on Wednesday announced five COVID-19 help desks and online medical consultation in countries with a large population of Malayalis. Non-resident Keralites can seek doctors' help from the helpline between 2pm and 6pm IST every day.

In another development, optical shops, mobile stores and vehicle workshops could be allowed to be open once a week in the state.

Quotes to remember

"People know that they are a community that faces a lot of troubles. We provide them good food, decent shelter and necessary medicines. 'Atithi Devo Bhava' shouldn't just remain on paper. Despite our efforts, migrant workers are not happy and want to return home. So we had requested the Prime Minister earlier to allot special trains to take them home after lockdown. We will again put forward the request," said Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Here are the updates from Andhra Pradesh

Total cases: 348

April 8 cases: 34

Discharged: 9

Deaths: 4

Active: 331

Spike in cases after the Tablighi Jamaat conference

Like neighbouring Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh too has seen plenty of cases linked to the conference in Delhi. As of Tuesday morning, 280 of the state's 304 positive cases were linked to the event.

Andhra had a total of 40 cases as of March 31, and have added 308 over the next 8 days.

State starts manufacturing test kits

In welcome news, Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ) has begun manufacturing ICMR-approved test kits. AMTZ can manufacture 2,000 kits currently, and plans to increase the capacity to 25,000 in the coming days to supply kits across the country. AMTZ will also produce ventillators from April 15.

After-effect of Tik-Tok 'medication'

Eleven members of a family were hospitalised in Chitoor after they took a home-made remedy for coronavirus suggested in a Tik-Tok video. They had consumed ‘ummetha kaya’, a fruit of a poisonous Datura plant. The family is out of danger and were discharged on Tuesday.

Some quotes to remember

"Andhra Pradesh is not revealing the total number of tests done. It is not good to hide facts from the people. In this situation, if an individual, institution or state fails, the results will be disastrous," said former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu.

Here's what's happening in Telangana

Total cases: 453

April 8 cases: 49

Discharged: 45

Deaths: 11

Active: 397

No community transmission, says government

Till date there is no evidence of community transmission in Telangana, the government said in its health bulletin on Wednesday. While they did not reveal numbers related to testing samples, the government stressed attendees of the Tablighi Jamaat are being tracked and tested.

Hyderabad most affected

Hyderabad has a total of 175 cases, with 154 of them active as of Wednesday. Health minister E Rajender said none of the affected persons in the state were in severe situation.

Quotes amid a pandemic

"Economy can be revived, but can we get back lives once lost? I am appealing to the PM to extend lockdown. Please consult all CMs and take a decision," said Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Monday.