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Abandoned Newborn Found In A Bucket In Hoshiarpur

Abandoned Newborn Found In A Bucket In Hoshiarpur

The child was admitted to civil hospital and is healthy after the treatment.

Residents of a Hoshiarpur locality in Punjab were shocked after they found an abandoned baby lying in a bucket. The neighbours in the street no 3 of Shivalik Enclave found the crying baby in the bucket amid Hoshiarpur’s temperature soaring to 43 degrees Celsius.
The two residents, who first heard the infant crying, saw that the bucket was wrapped with clothes. When they opened the bucket, they found that the umbilical cord was still attached to the new-born’s navel. They immediately informed local doctor Neelam Siddhu. Dr. Neelam cut the cord and fed the infant.

The baby was then admitted to the civil hospital. Dr. Rajvant Kaur, who works at the children’s ward of the hospital, said the child was probably born on Wednesday. The child is healthy after the treatment.

This is not the first case in Punjab where a newborn is abandoned. Last month, a mother abandoned her newborn daughter in Kahlwan village of Kapurthala city. The mother put her infant in a bag and left it unattended on the roof of a house. When a man saw the bag moving, he suspected an animal inside it. However, he was shocked when he opened the bag and found the abandoned child. The villagers then admitted the infant to the civil hospital in Kapurthala.
According to the information provided by the National Commission for Protection of Children Rights (NCPCR) earlier this week, more than 30,000 children were orphaned, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The NCPCR submitted the information to the Supreme Court and said 274 children were abandoned by their parent(s). While 26,176 children lost one of their parents, 3,621 were rendered orphans.

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first published:June 10, 2021, 18:59 IST