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Activist Stan Swamy Was Planning to Create All-India Front to Overthrow Modi Govt: NIA Chargesheet

File photo of activist Stan Swamy.

File photo of activist Stan Swamy.

The NIA said Stan Swamy wrote multiple letters to different Maoist commanders. In one of the letters, he suggested building an apex body to take on the “Fascist” government, the agency said.

Stan Swamy, the 83-year-old tribal activist from Jharkhand, was planning to create an all-India front to overthrow the Narendra Modi government, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has said in its chargesheet on the Elgar Parishad case.

The agency said one of the documents recovered from Swamy’s premises talk about his plans of creating a, “Dalit-Muslim front to take on the central government."

Officials told News18 that the letter was addressed to a member of CPI(Maoist). “We are investigating the role of the person to whom Swamy had written the letter," an NIA official told News18.

In the letter, Swamy allegedly wrote, “From the very beginning, we should bring together most dalit and Muslim forces that are already taking shape in some parts of country. For example, such dalit forces are taking shape in south — Tamil Nadu — and Gujarat and Muslim minority forces in Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra are giving militant and armed attacks on Dalit and religious minority people by the organised Hindutva. They want to take training by going into revolutionary armed struggle areas."


The agency said Swamy wrote multiple letters to different Maoist commanders. In one of the letters, the Jesuit priest suggested building an apex body to take on the “Fascist” government. “An all-India front will not be effective. It shouldn’t just be used for propaganda against Fascist forces on ground level as it unleashed a major blitzkrieg of offensive campaigns against fascist forces. The front has to come up at village level, small town and cities, neighbourhood level in urban areas with militant sections of people being organised," the NIA chargesheet quoted Swamy’s letter.

The NIA said the Jesuit priest was in communication with Maoist leader ‘Comrade’ Arun in which he communicated that after the arrest of urban CPI Maoist cadres from different parts of the country, particularly Maharashtra, a “huge irrevocable damage has been caused to the party."

The agency has also accused Swamy of receiving about Rs 8 lakh from Maoists. The NIA says various incriminating documents and literatures were sized from the tribal activist’s premises. “The documents recovered from Swamy are related to literature of 50 years of Naxalbari (movement), CPI Maoist press releases, circular issued by the outfit’s central committee, literature on how to smuggle things (sneak it through smuggling made easier), letter to Swamy from one Prashant, letter to Vijayan Dada from Swamy regarding mobilising of Adivasis and regarding concerns raised by central committee, guide of encrypted data communication on GSM network, message on the celebration of the 13th anniversary of the CPI-Maoist, an essential underground handbook, letter between comrades for using encryption, mini-manual on urban guerrilla, the constitution of the Maoists, documents related to the status of PLGA in excel sheet, document on strategy and tactics of Indian revolution."

The NIA also alleged that Swamy was the force behind technical guidance to unlettered or tech-challenged Maoist cadres. “In one of the letters seized, it is stated - On the technical side the New CPI Maoist General secretary has issued specific instructions regarding maintaining security of the communication channel. All open members who are required to contact secret members either from military operation zones or interior must use - - - encryption. For non-tech savvy comrades there is a very easy way to use - - - - extension —, which can be set up within minutes. It provides full E2E (encryption to encryption) for textual messages via…. Any attachments sent with email must be encrypted using… of the receiver. For our communication I have sent you my pub.key… This should only be used for bilateral channel," Swamy allegedly wrote.

The NIA said the conspirators were worried that their communication would be leaked or recovered by agency. “Many critical problems have surfaced in the last one year some of which are extremely worrisome. The most urgent one is leakage of several secret letters, including those meant only for senior leaders both outside and inside. It is unclear how so many of them were exposed from Delhi. One possibility is the deleted letters may have been forensically recovered using specialised softwares. We should enhance our knowledge of forensic data recovery in order to prevent further mistakes," Swamy worte in of the documents.

The NIA said Swamy has extensively written to his Maoist colleagues about the damage the arrest of “urban naxals’ was doing to the organisation. The special Mumbai NIA court is yet to take cognisance of the chargesheet.

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