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Actor Krishna Murali plays the lead in 'Broker-2'

Actor Krishna Murali plays the lead in 'Broker-2'

The Telugu flick will be directed and produced by Maddineni Ramesh.

R Patnaik's Telugu flick 'Broker', which had been produced by Maddineni Ramesh had been critically acclaimed.

Now a film is being made which is titled as 'Broker-2' , with Posani Krishna Murali playing the title role. Maddineni Ramesh will direct and produce this film and the launch of which took place at the Saradhi Studios in Hyderabad.

The film has a current political system as the theme and it shows how a broker plays a mind game and reveals the truth infront of people, in the war for power between two power centres. Some well-known actors will act in the other roles. The producer-director said that the film completes with the two schedules in April and May and they are planning to release the movie in June.

first published:March 25, 2013, 13:26 IST