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Aiming to make a film on child marriages

Aiming to make a film on child marriages

Actor Raj Singh Chaudhary of 'Gulaal' and 'Antardwand' fame says he wants to make a film that focuses on the prime social evil in his home state, Rajasthan

Call him filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s blue-eyed boy, and he doesn’t deny it completely. Instead, the young actor from Rajasthan who shot to fame with Kashyap’s film, Gulaal quips, “I am actually brown-eyed. So maybe, you can call me Anurag’s brown-eyed boy.” Raj Singh plays the protagonist in Sushil Rajpal’s film Antardwand that dwells on groom abduction that is rampant in parts of Bihar and UP. The film has already won a National Award.

Hoping all goes well, Raj Singh admits he wants to make a movie himself which will throw light on the social issue that is closest to his heart – child marriage. The actor says given that Rajasthan is his home state and social issues are very close to his heart, he wants to document this social evil that is still rampant.

Speaking exclusively to IBNLive.com, he says, “If there was one film that I really want to work in or make it myself, it would be on the menace of child marriages in Rajasthan. I come from there and I feel the cause is very close to my heart. If I get the right script and the right cast, I will make the film myself.”

Star-studded casts and big investments always don’t convert into a sure-shot winner at the box office. And naturally, Raj Singh sees a lot of potential for theatre actors from all over the country to make it big on the celluloid now. Having worked with several theatre actors in his latest film Antardwand, Raj Sigh points out, “I worked with several theatre actors from Bihar and I had a great time. If your film is region-specific, it is best to cast theatre actors who know the local flavour.”

Raj Singh who has already been signed up by Anurag for his next two films says it was extremely important to handle the subject of groom kidnapping in Antardwand with sensitivity lest it started sounding preachy. He says, “I believe, when you portray reality on cinema today, you have to be truly realistic, like it was in Black Friday.” The actor also adds that he would love to do films like Rang De Basanti and 3 Idiots that provided food for thought to the audience.

By Sujata Chakrabarti

first published:August 27, 2010, 13:01 IST