Delhi Crime Branch Cop Refuses to Search for Missing Air India Manager Citing ‘Bad Horoscope’ Phase

Delhi Crime Branch Cop Refuses to Search for Missing Air India Manager Citing ‘Bad Horoscope’ Phase

The police inspector is allegedly waiting for his ‘maha dosh’ (bad phase) to get over to begin search for the missing Air India manager.


Nitisha Kashyap

New Delhi: An inspector in the Crime Branch of Delhi Police is so fixated with superstitions that he is allegedly waiting for his ‘maha dosh’ (bad phase) to get over to begin search for a missing Air India manager.

The woman, identified as Sulakshana Narula, has been missing since September last year and is also coincidentally facing a bad phase, the inspector claims. He has even assured her family that once his bad phase is over he would be able to find the woman.

Narula’s family says inspector Vijay Samaria asked them for her horoscope in the first week of March and showed it to an astrologer along with his own horoscope. “The astrologer told him it is a ‘maha dosh’ (bad phase) for my mother, due to which all this was bound to happen,” said Anubhav, Narula’s younger son.

The astrologer allegedly also told the policeman that Narula’s bad phase would get over by April 19.

“Coincidentally, the inspector’s bad phase was also within the same period and would get over by April 18-19. That’s why he said he is unable to find my mother. He said once his phase is over he will be able to find her. There’s a ‘yog’ of her coming back,” Anubhav told News 18.

Disappointed with the way Crime Branch has been investigating the case, Anubhav said, “We don’t believe in such things but it was very odd that an inspector asked us to perform an ‘upaya’ (remedy). He asked me to go to Chattarpur Temple which has the statue of Goddess Baglamukhi. So I went there and did the upaya.”

Narula, 58, went missing on September 30 last year. After searching for thoroughly in temples and Gurudwaras – places where the family thought she might have gone – they informed the police. An FIR under sections of abduction was registered three days later.

A month later, the case was transferred to the Crime Branch in Chanakyapuri where the officials assured the family of finding her within 10 to 15 days. But it has been five months now and the department is clueless, the family says.

Anubhav told News 18 that the family even when to places like Vrindavan, Hrishikesh, Haridwar and Amritsar in the hope to find her, but in vain. “We got just one clue which was also not very concrete. A restaurant owner in Vrindavan said he had seen my mother around Diwali. We asked the Crime Branch officials to accompany us to that restaurant and ask for the CCTV footage. But the cops said the footage was overridden and there was no way to get it,” said Anubhav, adding that he couldn’t understand why the cops were showing reluctance in the case. “There are technologies through which one can find overridden footages,” he said.

Anubhav also created the app, Find Mrs Sulakshna Narula, which has a detailed description of his mother and the family’s contact details. They have also declared a reward of Rs 1 lakh for the person who finds her.

Narula, her family claimed, was depressed since July 2018 due to disturbances in her professional and personal life. She had filed a case against Air India for not promoting her but she lost the case. Her juniors got promoted and they used to mock her, the family alleged.

She was dealing with a lot of work-related stress and also facing a property dispute with her brother, which led to further depression, the family said.

Narula has three sons; the eldest is an ophthalmologist with a team of doctors that works for the President of India. He lives in Gurgaon with his wife. Her youngest son works at a startup and has a twin brother who is a lawyer by profession. Narula’s husband is a retired official and works as a contractual doctor for the Government of India. The family is hopeful of her return and regularly visits religious places in the hope to find her.

The police has denied the claims. "The team has visited Mathura, vrindavan, haridwar, hrishikesh more than twice. We have informed the shelter homes about the woman, all state DGPs have also been informed along with the NGOs. All the SOPs are being followed. We have also questioned the woman's brother and her colleagues. The investigation is underway," said Jasbir Singh, ACP Crime Branch.

Refusing to comment on the consultancy with astrologer the officer said " If the family is not satisfied they can meet me or other Senior officers any time."

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