News18» News»India»Anupam Kher asks Pakistan if visa was denied as he may expose terror nexus

Anupam Kher asks Pakistan if visa was denied as he may expose terror nexus

Anupam Kher asks Pakistan if visa was denied as he may expose terror nexus

While Pakistan High Commission asked Kher to produce a proof that he applied for visa, Kher said the event organisers applied on his behalf.

Confusion prevails over whether actor Anupam Kher was denied a visa for Pakistan to attend the Karachi Literature Fest. Kher claimed that he has been denied visa as he talks about India openly and is a Kashmiri Pandit who may expose Pakistan's terror nexus.

He also tweeted asking Pakistan the reason for rejecting him the visa. "Has my visa been denied because I speak about India's rich tradition of tolerance or I am a Kashmiri Pandit who may expose Pak terror nexus? Indian Govt welcomes Pakistan based writers, artists, actors etc. Pakistan Govt. bans entry of Indian actors. Why fear a free dialogue? Didn't Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs red flag my name to Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi? Why hide facts deliberately? (sic)," he questioned.

While Pakistan High Commission has said that the actor did not apply for a visa and asked him to produce a proof, Kher said that there was no need for him to personally apply as the event organisers did it. As per the often followed procedure, the organisers of many events apply for visa for guests who they invite.

Kher has claimed that his name was on the posters that were published for the event. "Had they not applied for my visa, why would they print my name. 17 out of the 18 guests have got their visa, but only I have been denied the permission," he said.

He also added that he was upset by not having been able to attend the fest as he wanted to go to Pakistan and talk about India and its traditions and meet the people of Pakistan and know their views. "I wished to discuss Kashmiri Pandit issue, I wanted to talk to terrorism, I wanted to talk about my country, but I have not been allowed to do so. A dialogue is very essential to solve problems," he said.

Kher asserted that Pakistan's explanation over the denial of visa is "little laughable. They are lying. I got a call saying that my visa has been denied. Technically, they have to say something so they are giving this explanation."

The actor also took to Twitter to express his disappointment. "Delay is the deadliest form of denial," he tweeted.

The Pakistan High Commission has maintained that they haven't even received Kher's visa application.