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Struggling sportsman; Canada rejects Armwrestlers visa

Struggling sportsman; Canada rejects Armwrestlers visa

Wanting to participate in the championship, Ravi also arranged finances.

Kochi: Life has been a struggle for Snibu S Ravi the 27 year old may earn his living as a porter in Kochi but his heart lies in the sport of arm wrestling. Three time national champion Ravi has spent last six years training and working during the day and putting in hours of practice at night.

But his dream to participate in the World Championships to be held in Canada this month has been shattered.

“My six year dream has come to end. the Canadian embassy has rejected our visa application. The only hope is that the Indian govt will ask the Canadian govt to help us. We will go there only to participate in the tournament we are not going there for business,” says Snibu S Ravi.

Arm wrestling is not an Olympic sport so Ravi and his teammates had to fight the odds to gather enough sponsors to help them reach the target of rupees two lakh to catch the flight to Canada. But this effort has not impressed the Canadian government who doubt their intentions to participate in the tournament.

“Finally after five years winning the Indian national champions and when they get a chance to go abroad for the world championship. They couldn’t go initially because of finance and now the Canadian govt rejected the visa saying that these people do not have the funds and assests to take part in the competition and then return back to India,” says Training programmer, Jinu Tharakan George.

When contacted by cnn-ibn the Canadian high commission said that the matter is under consideration and they will have a response soon.

first published:November 26, 2008, 14:16 IST