Assam Rifles to Train Together With Coast Guard, Assist in Maritime Operations

Image for representative purposes. (Image: Reuters)

Image for representative purposes. (Image: Reuters)

A combat battalion of Assam Rifles will soon be training on board Indian Coast Guard Ship Shaurya (16), an offshore patrol vessel in Kochi.

Karishma Hasnat
  • CNN-News18
  • Last Updated: May 9, 2019, 11:10 PM IST
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Guwahati: In a first, the Assam Rifles would be training together with the Indian Coast Guard in an effort to enhance inter-forces cooperation, understand the operational ethos and utilise each other’s assets for training and varied purposes. The charter of affiliation, in this regard, will be signed by the director generals of the Indian Coast Guard and Assam Rifles on May 22.

“It is a permanent affiliation of Assam Rifles with the Coast Guards. Besides building camaraderie, the training will involve exchange of information and personnel of the two Forces. They will work together in humanitarian missions and other areas,” said a senior Assam Rifles official, adding that the objective of the affiliation is to promote bilateral cooperation between the two Services and contribute in joint capacity for training, sports, adventure and sustainable development.

A combat battalion of Assam Rifles will soon be training on board Indian Coast Guard Ship Shaurya (16), an offshore patrol vessel in Kochi. In due course of time, arrangements will be made for exchange of personnel – including those with an understanding of Land Border Management (LBM) with Assam Rifles battalions, Over-Seas Deployment (OSD) of Assam Rifles personnel on board an ICG ship, bilateral meetings between the two forces, and participation of experts from both sides in such meetings.

“The two services will greatly benefit by motivating one another, and understanding from each other’s working culture - Assam Rifles personnel will be able to understand the peculiarities of Indian Coast Guard and their role in guarding and intercepting anti-Indian forces detrimental to the security of Northeastern region. Personnel of Indian Coast Guard will be able to see and understand the working culture of the Assam Rifles working along the Indo-Myanmar border,” said an official source.

In addition, civilian personnel from the Northeast will be incorporated in the exchange program for better integration and assistance during conduct of ICG recruitment drive in the Northeastern states.

A joint working group of Assam Rifles and Coast Guards will also be set up for coordination of activities as per the charter of affiliation that will come into effect from the date of its signing.

The Assam Rifles, being the premier border guarding force at the Indo Myanmar border, operates Border Outposts (BOP) and Company Operating Bases (COB) along the international border in Northeast.

Deployed in difficult terrain, the oldest paramilitary force of India continues their efforts to build confidence and strengthen their relationship with the local population.

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