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Audio launch of 'Idi Mamoolu Prema Katha Kadu'

Audio launch of 'Idi Mamoolu Prema Katha Kadu'

The heart warming music is said to be the highlight of Telugu film 'Idi Mamoolu Prema Katha Kadu'.

'Idi Mamoolu Prema Katha Kadu' is, in the words of its makers, true to its title. In fact, its music director has stated that the film has been made by Vidya Sagar (director) without making the film subservient to the usual commercial elements (associated with masala fare).

Khuddoos' music for the movie was hailed by RP Patnaik as 'heart-moving.' "I have listened to the songs some 10 times while on a long drive. The music is very good," he said.

Tammareddy said at the audio release event that there was a need for freshness and that the film had that in it to satisfy the audience's desire for good cinema.

Khuddoos has composed Sathyam's 'Gunna maavi komma meeda,' that memorable song, in a way that nobody would criticise him for alleged blasphemy. Ram Prasad said that the film did not have the regular formula. "It is in a way that youngsters will like it," he added.

The story is told in a unique format. The hero and heroine tell their stories separately. "The narratives will surely take the audience to their childhood days." The makers are done with the filming part.

Mahadev and Sri Kavya are the main lead. Prakash Reddy, Gundu Hanumantharao, 'Vennela' Kishore, 'Tagubothu' Ramesh, Venu and others are part of the cast. Lyrics are by Balaji. Dialogues are by Mruthyunjaya Rao.