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'Barfi' is not related to the Hindi movie: Diganth

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Last Updated: September 09, 2012, 19:02 IST

'Barfi' is not related to the Hindi movie: Diganth

"If you depend on quantity, your quality will definitely decline i.e. why I am careful on choosing films" Diganth says.

Diganth is closely following Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor's footsteps. Two of his films will have traits of Ranbir's films, either in the title or his looks.

First is 'Barfi', a sweet romantic comedy, which according to Diganth is nowhere related to the Bollywood movie.

"I have always been known as a chocolate hero since 'Mungaru Male' boy as I have always entertained with good romcom scripts. 'Barfi' will again be a total entertainer and is a sweet romantic story," he says.

His other much talked about film is Kodi Ramakrishna’s project in which he plays the role of a Rockstar. "I am a musician who wants to be a Rockstar. This film has a devotional touch and I am paired opposite Ramya," says Diganth, who clarifies that the film is not a remake of Telugu film, 'Arundathi'.

Considering that he is portraying Ranbir's Rockstar looks for Kodi's untitled film. Is Diganth slowly becoming the Ranbir of Kannada cinema? "Of late, his name is often mentioned wherever I am present and I am happy about it. But I don't want to be compared to any star and wish to be known for my individuality as my acting is completely different and I am not copying anybody," he asserts.

While he plays the role of a software engineer in 'Barfi', he dons the role of a musician in Kodi's film. How difficult it is for Diganth to transform from one character to another? "More than the actor, it all depends on the director. If he wants me to improvise and is very particular that I should work on the role, then I will make sure that I go for it".

Diganth has deliberately stayed away from media attention because he feels that it is better to talk less about the movie. "It will only create curiosity," says the actor. But that doesn't mean that he is not in the news. He retorts, "Kodi Ramakrishna has instructed that we should not be seen much before the release. But I am still in demand and things are going well as I am content with the offers".

Having a backup of good films from 'Mungaru Male' to 'Parijatha', the actor's main intention is to attract the youth. He will soon fulfill his wish by working in an action oriented film. "There will be more of action in this film, which will have mass appeal. I have been preparing for the film, shooting for which will start from January next year. That's one of the reasons, I have been hitting the gym regularly and most probably will bear a six pack." he says. Gone are the days when he used the 'trial and error method' by experimenting with different kind of movies. Diganth says that he will now be more selective. "If you depend on quantity, your quality will definitely go down. That's why I am careful while choosing projects. I am seven years old in the industry and have done all kinds of films. Now I will plan for two good movies a year," he says.

When it comes to maintaining his identity among the younger lot and superstars, Diganth says that he stands out by doing different kind of films. "Today I am one among the younger actors along with Yash, Yogi, Prajwal Devaraj among others. We are friends and get along well. I have my own set of fans and they all have their own. I expect to do better and be different," he says. On his personal front, Diganth is happy to maintain his single status and according to him, marriage is still not on the cards. "I have an elder brother, who is yet to get married. Only after he ties the knot, I will think about mine. As of now, I am happy with no strings attached," he concludes.

first published:September 09, 2012, 19:02 IST
last updated:September 09, 2012, 19:02 IST